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  1. So the six speed is £390 all-in, with the new sump, oil and labour and VAT. The eight speed is a little bit more expensive, I think they meant £20 or £40 more but not much. They recommended it was done at 100 K, as a bit of an unwritten rule because they are meant to be scared for life. I have the dreaded cam belt change next year, I may ask them to do the gearbox at the same time as the car will probably be in mid 90,000 miles by then
  2. I am going to Jag Tech tomorrow to have the near side inlet manifold replaced (cracked) so I will ask them what their opinion is and whether they offer that service (and how much) 👍🏻 I’ll post an update when I know
  3. This is a little disappointing, I would hope a sidelight would be a fairly normal thing to change and not be so fiercely expensive, as you can see from my picture the near side is starting to fail as well so I think there must be a manufacturing fault…that is why I am reluctant to use a breaker. alas I just hoped some wiz with LED panels may have come up with a viable soliton thanks Clive
  4. Is it possible to simply change the LED panel that sits behind the foglight or do you have to replace entire light?? Below is a picture of the fault (sidelight not working) and the offending part NB-I have checked and there is definitely 12v getting to the module
  5. Generally speaking I tend to lubricate any mounting surface, especially when the mounting surface and the alloy wheels are made of different compositions (I.e. steel hub vs alloy wheel) and I apply the same logic when it comes to the threads that the wheel nuts bind to, as often is the case with Jaguar wheel nuts they flat their edges and cause issue at a minutes notice as it is so encouraging and further by leaving the thread dry doesn’t seem like a great idea to me… however, that is only my opinion on my personal decision. I’ve never had any wheel nuts come loose, but I’m not saying it’s impossible. Make your own judgement and apply commonsense is probably the best thing to do when dealing with such a large heavy car.
  6. Thank you for all of the helpful replies, I live in Leicestershire and my nearest independent Jaguar service place is JagTeck in Nottingham. As my car has high-ish miles And I regularly tow at two ton caravan (with spirited driving thrown into the mix) I think it would be a worthwhile investment as I love car and have no intention of changing it any time soon. Just as a ballpark figure, what sort of cost are you looking at approximately? I am assuming that the oil and sump pain are going to be in the region of £200 plus VAT on their own and then you have the labour on top?
  7. I have a 2012 XF-S with 86,000 miles on the clock. I am worried now. how and where can I get this oil change completed, also I am quite handy so is it a home mechanic job?
  8. I have just fitted a full set of EBC RedStuff pads to my 2012 XF-S using Pagid solid discs and there is definitely less brake dust and a much better bite when the disks are cold (a disappointing side to the OEM pads) they were £150 for all of the pads with next day delivery
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