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  1. I used the Maguiers kit first but wasn't that impressed with the outcome so I found a 3M kit which has wet & dry and a cutting paste. They came out perfectly....
  2. If it's a low rumble you want your going to need another two cylinders... ;)
  3. I love my Jag My only problem is that with our weather I'd rather not let her out of the stable until it gets a bit warmer/nicer...
  4. Evening all I read your posts with interest, it would seem that most of the cars I've owned are now classics and I kick myself every time I goto a show.... My list goes like this, BMW 635 Csi, BMW 3.0l Si (really miss this one...) Opel Manta, Citreon BX Gti 16 valve, Alfa GTV 6, Alfa Sud sprint, Rover Sdi V8 Vitesse etc. etc. Now I've got a S-Type R..... Well what can I say, I've had lots of nice cars that I thought were quick/fast that was until I was lucky enough to buy a Jaguar. This car puts a hole new meaning top the meaning of rapid!!! So when people ask me why I bought an old Jag I just tell them not to judge them until you been in one, even a tired high milage car is still head and shoulders above most old sheds on the road these days. I'm sorry I'm going on..... I'm done... ;)
  5. Evening all Just thought I'd say hello. Hope to take part in a few topics on here... For those that want to know I've got an 03 S-Type R in Pasific blue. It's had a few tweeks by Racing Green cars, It's has lowered and uprated suspension, engine re-map, K & N induction kit, uprated supercharger a bigger cooling system and a rather lovely sounding stainless sports exhaust.... Colin....
  6. Welcome to the Jaguar forums Golan :)