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  1. hi Janis check out the video of wheeler dealers on you tube jaguar xk8. they fixed a car jaguar xk8 in limp mode atb charlie
  2. hi Janis. im no expert but probs a sensor bet im right. make sure your battery is good coz that can throw up probs. these cats like a good battery. go on to you tube look for the wheeler dealers xk8 video . thers had "limp mode" and they fixed it. ATB charlie B)
  3. hi ade was down in scarbourgh on holiday 1st week in may , weather bad but spent 2 nice days in Whitby lbeautifull wee town could move ther tmora got fish &chips out the Maggie waited for about an hour in big que really good wife loved the place to drove the xk I had at the time down to ROBINS HOOD BAY that was a laugh could barly turn at the bottom lol drove thou Whitby in sport mode all looking at the jag. voices saying ITS A JAGUAR happy chappy welcome to the club ATB charlie
  4. cheers buddy. you will have fun over the next few days exploring "lady kate" the rear camera is right handy enjoy charlie
  5. seen it Anthony, its a cracker mate. my xk must have been slate grey as it was lighter, check out my albums. you must be chuffed nice motor cheers charlie
  6. jag2

    XF Air Con

    hi ian welcome to the club mate, sorry I cant help but im sure others can ATB charlie
  7. h Adrian welcome to the club, sorry I have not got a clue but why not phone a jaguar dealer ask for service dept and ask them they will tell you atb charlie
  8. forgot to add I have just put pics of my new xj on the site it only lets you download ones under 2mb. I had took loads but could only get some on here :o
  9. Anthony good one, that was the coulor of my xk and black kalimnos. you have good taste to lol enjoy your new jag mate ATB charlie
  10. hi Russell. yes your diff is gone, the seal on my 1st jag a 57plate xk whent at 55,ooo mls took it to prestige jaguar and was lucky it only neded a new seal. sold it a few months later for new xj, but take it back to them mate explain that the car is worse since you got it back from them than you put in in, best of luck charlie
  11. posted some photos of my xj on the owners gallery dave, I had took loads of them but it would only let me down load ones under 2mb ATB charlie
  12. glad to hear the good news dave, you have just bought one of the finest premium cars on the road, and jaguars flagship car. try it in sport then press the wee flag button "dynamic mode" the dash turns red and whooofff. love it. that's 2 of us now. enjoy "lady kate" I love mine "anna" ATB charlie
  13. Anthony welcome. xf s yes it will blow the st focus away. but it into sport then press dynamic button 0-60 5.9 secs get some pics of it, what coulor did you get?
  14. good steve glad to hear you got it fixed, bet you liked the new xe lol ATB charlie