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  1. Hi Old Peter, You worked at Shotton during the early late 60's to 1970 my grand farther Lionel Buck was one of the Union steward for many years fighting to keep the site open, I almost ended up working there as an apprentice to become an electrician but instead when the way of Chemistry. Was wondering if you knew or heard of my grand farther, we have a book written by Moss Evan in which he talks about my grand farther and his views on communism and the union, I think my grand farther was a bit of a communist at heart back then. Thanks for your reply to my post much appreciate
  2. Hi I am looking to find a good quality Independent jaguar garage for servicing of my 2015 Jaguar XJL, I have become a little disillusioned with my local main Jaguar dealer with some of their work and rates.
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies, interesting info regarding Goodyear Eagles I have not come across these and so will look at them, was hoping there might be someone out there who has tried the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres and could provide a bit of feedback on how they perform. Thanks for the info guys much appreciated, Andy
  4. Hi All, I am the proud owner of a 3.0L Diesel XJL 2015 plate have done just over 23000 miles and will be needing to replace tyres in the next 6 month or so at the rate of mileage I do which is around 1100 miles per month. At present the car has Continental Sports on and have been looking at Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres, also looked at some Bridgestone tyres as well. Question is what have other drives used and any recommendations.
  5. Hi All, I too have one of these great cats, mine is the diesel variant and also has all the little extras such as rear seat screens/tables, heated /cooled seats, front seats even have the massage option and these are just great on a long journey. I managed to go from Wrexham - North Wales to the Brighton meet over the Bank Holiday break. Included some high speed M-Way driving along the way both ways and a spot of racing with 4 F-Types on the journey to Madeira Drive Brighton all on 1 tank of diesel what a return for such a big car. I just love driving this car turns so many heads whe
  6. Hi Steve, Nice one and may I say well done to organise such an event, so much work has just got to have been put in to make this what looks to be a fantastic day. It will be my first ever jag meet and both the wife and I are really looking forward to the weekend. Thinks I may end up using plan B involving metal of the realm in these new fangled armless bandits that don't pay out when you win :-). Cheers and hope to see you during the day. Regards, Andy
  7. Hi just a bit of a daft question, How do I set up the pay by phone parking app on my mobile phone. Thanks to any one who helps with the little challenge. Regards, Andy
  8. Hi just a bit of a daft question, How do I set up the pay by phone parking app on my mobile phone. Thanks to any one who helps with the little challenge. Regards, Andy
  9. Hi All, Well I finally settled on a Thinkware 750 dash cam as it has a few extras that made it a worth while choice; lane departure warning, fixed speed warnings, it even informs you about common mobile speed camera locations - cleaver that one and also you can set it up to warn if your getting to close to the car in front all very useful when your getting tired on a long journey. The cam was fitted by Dash-Witness from who I bought the unit, there engineer arrived on time and set to on the installation, he was very thorough and took great care with the car treating it with respect. The f
  10. Hi All, Well we got room booked at the Holiday Inn Crawley for the weekend and now looking forward to a great day in Brighton and catching up with everyone and maybe making a number of new friends through the meet. Any one else staying over at the hotel would be good if a few of us got together for a social drink on the Saturday night. See you all at Brighton. Andy & Lynne
  11. Hi Guys, Some really useful info there and I will take Peters advice and try my dealer as a first option and see how that goes. Will keep you all uptodate on this one. See you all in Brighton next month. Regards, Andy
  12. Apologies for bit of a hijacking of this topic, it is related a little in that the question is about sat nav upgrading. I have a 2016 Jaguar XJL which has as far as I can figure out a UK only mapping set up. We are planning to drive over to Spain later this year to visit the wife's sister in Calpe - which is about 45 mins north of Benidorm. I used to have a Rover 75 which had the NavTec mapping system which I was able to upgrade with the Europe map disc and it was a simple operation i.e. just a case of inserting the CD and it was plug and play. Is it the same with the Jaguar sat
  13. Hi Joe-Dot-Com and Old_Growler, Really appreciate the great advice and details, maybe we can catch up at the Brighton meet if you're going down there, would love to see how you have fitted these things and get a bit of first hand advice. I also take on board the question about insurance and how it could be a double edged sword, very true when you think about it.. Joe that short trailer quality was great given that it was in compressed format, I thought that would be adequate but expect the actual footage will be even better then. I have got to be honest that when it comes to
  14. Hi all, Part of the reason I am now enjoying the pleasures of an XJL is due to a recent rear end crash in my previous car which was a XF 2.2 diesel. Since then I have been looking to install a dash cam have looked around and found a few possible models one I particularly like is a model called the Blackvue DR650GW-2CH which has both a forward and rear facing cam units. My question is has anyone experience of these units and how easy are they to fit to the Jag electrical system especially the newer models which have so much in the way of electronic systems in them. Cheers and hope to
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