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  1. Hi Jon, Tried the WS40 suggestion ... worked a treat. Sticking calliper now fixed. Will keep the WD40 handy just in case .. Thanks again for posting your cure. cheers Jim.
  2. Hi, My XF had the Nearside rear calliper replaced when fault was picked up during a routing service. Approx. 6 months later during an MOT, the same calliper was identified as sticking and should be checked asap. I brought to the garage attention that they had just replaced the calliper, disc and pads 6 months back. Stated that the repair should be done under warranty and that the calliper must have been defective. (Expect more that 6k miles) After some discussions garage agreed to contact calliper manufacturer and request a replacement under warranty. I paid the labour to have the calliper replaced. All well inj the XF once more. Today my son was using the car and called to report major judder on motorway and on investigation the Rear Nearside wheel was very hot. RAC called and wagon of shame transport home .... Once more the Calliper at rear nearside has stuck on ... Is there any mechanical or electrical problem that could cause only the Left Calliper to stick .. with no issue on the Right Calliper? Can believe i have had 3 new Callipers all fail within a few months driving ??? Any help will be most welcome ...
  3. Need to replace my Front Discs and Pads .... 2010 3.0 Diesel XF. Any recommendations. ? Make / Model / Supplier / Approx Costs ? cheers Jim
  4. Managed to fix the problem (Well temp fix at the moment). Pulled the righthand rear panel to expose the fuse box in the boot above the battery. Removed each connector in turn and inspected for any sign of corrosion … known Jag XL problem due to leak in one of the welds. Found the bottom connector when removed exhibited corrosion where cable / individual connector pin entered the plastic connector block. Could not remove the pins but did multiple insertion / removal of the connector to scrape the pins … this has worked. When hazard button on dash is pressed, the hazard warning lams flash as expected. I'll try and source a new connector or one from a scrap yard and replace in the future. For now … operational once more. cheers Jim.
  5. Hi, Has anyone came up with possible causes for the hazard switch not to operate the 4 flashers? My 60 plate Jag has developed the same fault ... Indicators work OK when left or right selected. Both operate when alarm is selected ... so all bulbs are fine and I assume fuses are too. I have not tried to change the panel switch yet as I though the problem may be related to the fuse box in some way ... Does anyone have a breakdown of the rear fuse box and which relays or wires are linked the hazard operation? Need this fixed soon as MOT is not far off ..... Rather attempt to fix it myself than send to workshop ... last bill was £880 for Alternator that blew and took out my battery as well. cheers Jim
  6. JimM

    Dead car

    Well, alternator went into self destruct mode. Died and also took out. 1year old battery with it. Was quoted £770 for new alternator and installation. Still to add battery costs. Real bummer.
  7. After total electrical failure my XF grounded to a halt while still in gear. Breakdown folks used plastic skids under the rear wheels to drag the car onto the flatbed. Is there anyway to disengage the gear and place in neutral when there is no power to the car? (Been told that other makers have some hidden switch to make this happen). Looking to make it easier to get car loaded on breakdown truck when its uplifted on Friday to be taken to the Jag Garage for repair. cheers Jim.
  8. JimM

    Dead car

    RAC tried to jump start the car. Sparks flying from the battery post when jumper cable attached. He stated there is a short in the system. Believes the alternator has gone and caused a low lever resistance path across the battery. Battery has drained itself very quickly thus the various warning lights then completed power down. Waiting to get car booked into garage. Will post outcome once known. cheers Jim
  9. JimM

    Dead car

    Battery warning, then various warning lamps then total electrical failure. Waiting on RAC. Any idea on cause?.
  10. Looking for some support in identifying what could be wrong with the Cat. Pressing the hazard switch on the dashboard has no effect on the indictor lights. Lights are all ok as they work with the Left/Right stalk movement. Anyone out there had this problem and can suggest a fix ? cheers Jim.
  11. JimM

    Air Con

    Ouch ...... That's the downside of owing a Jag .... costly repair build.
  12. JimM

    Air Con

    Hi Mick, Let us know the final bill .... I need to budget for similar possibility. cheers
  13. Hi All, On holiday last week - left windows down a little due to hot weather (air con still not fixed). Got a call from hotel owner that my alarm was ringing - would stop then start again after approx. 20 mins. Question for you all ... is this normal. if it is, can the alarm system be switched off if you wish to leave windows down a little. ie when we have the dog out with us ... and is left in the car for a short period of time. Windows well down to ensure sufficient air flow ..... But is this causing the alarm to go off with us not knowing about it?
  14. JimM

    Air Con

    Have the same problem .... Recharged by Halfords .. lasted about a month then back to usual warm air. Tried another garage with the same outcome .... does not cool car after ~ one month. Both said no leaks as the recharge went as expected .... in my car it looks like I have some very small pinholes somewhere that allows the gas tol escape. Thinking on biting the built and taking it to a Jaguar garage .... just worried about the final bill. Or may try the stopleaks option that miken used.