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  1. Hi We have am MY2018 2.0 Portfolio Sportbrake XF with (wired) Apple CarPlay built in. I am keen to buy a wireless adapter for the system to improve the experience, but have found that not all adapters work on each vehicle. So my question is: "Have any of the forum members got experience of such an adapter, and if so, which one would you recommend?" Many thanks Geoff
  2. i have the XK Convertible, and with a space saver. It's always bothered me that if I have a flat, I would struggle to get the damaged tyre into the car to take it to repair. Both front and back wheels are wider that the space under the boot floor where the space saver spare lives. So if I have to swap out a puncture, I wouldn't have anywhere for the damaged wheel to go. This is a really problem as I am about to start a 2 week road trip, and the car is fully loaded. That being the case, I have decided to rely on the compressor and rubber solution for a temporary fix, and call on the RAC if it is anything bigger
  3. Thought I would update this post (for anyone who is interested) Having given the Alpine Ezi-Dab a go, I realised (very quickly) that it would not fit the XK's radio. Connections were not at all compatible, and the professional fitter very quickly waved the white flag. Fortunately, as I was within the distance selling timescales, I returned the product for a full refund, and it was back to the drawing board. At face value, the £500 dealer option was beinging to look like the only way forward. That was until I stumbled across the Roidmi 2S Music Bluetooth Car Charger This was the route that I really wanted to avoid like the plague - I was really determined not to have to rely on an FM Modulator, as I had tried these in the past and was realy unimpressed by the quality. Anyway, with little option, I splashed out my £20 on Ebay, and the gizmo arrived today. After spending a couple of hours driving around with it up and running, I have to say that I am rather impressed. Once connected by bluetooth to the phone (in my case, an iPhone7), you can download an app which sets the thing up onto an unused radio frequency. After that, anything that you play on the phone (music, streaming services (e.g. Spotify) or Digital Radio) all get broadcast to the Roidmi and played through the relevant radio channel. The device is also supposed to act as a handsfree phone kit ..... but I'm not so sure about that ! So far : + Sound quality is great - no interference experienced (yet) + The iPhone will pair to the Roidmi for music, and still also pair to the car's handsfree setup for phone calls + The device will monitor the status of your battery and will sound an alarm if it drops below a threshold that you set + It fits out of the way in the glove box accessory socket - so not visible in the car + It has 2 x USB sockets built in for charging + Can be moved from vehicle to vehicle - Handsfree use is rather poor - I would avoid that. So, if you have a similar setup to me and you are looking for a cheap option for music streaming and/or DAB, you might want to try this out. I have to say that I am really very pleasantly surprised. The manufacturer's site is :http://www.roidmi.com/en/, and the device is readily available from all good Ebay retailers now !! Cheers Geoff PS - Apologies with the formatting of this post - really not sure what is happening there
  4. Just for completeness guys, I have just tried to have an Alpine Ezi-DAB fitted to my MY2008 XK - it turns out that the system is not compatible - something to do with the aerial connections. Like Clive, my dealer has quoted £500 to fit the Audio Connection Module (ACM), which is too much for me. Rimmers are selling the module for about £240 (http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-C2P16491?gclid=CjwKEAiAmo_CBRC9qbGQssjqi28SJABYTgZxk6rR1M1Z7Kbjqy4jmAsWLVzX9uzBTxykwrjab0U8dRoCUxzw_wcB), and the instructions are available on Topic (I think) but the head unit will need to be reprogrammed to activate the additional features activated. I'm currently (reluctantly) thinking about an FM Modulator, but if funds allow, may fork out for the ACM later in the year. Other than that, I am flat out of options, but would be really interested if someone else can sort this mystery Cheers
  5. I ended up using Tyres On The Drive (mobile firm). Great service and good price Came to work and saved loads of time. 4 x DUNLOP 245/40R19 98Y SP 01 XL (J) Fitted £621 ..... and allowed me to swap out my winter tyres at the same time
  6. Have you tried Oponeo (http://www.oponeo.co.uk) I'm just tossing up between Pirelli and Nokian winter tyres for my beast. The costs are very competitive, and local fitting is just £15 a corner ….. and if anyone has any views on either of these brands of tyre, I would really appreciate it. As things stand, the Nokian's have the best reviews Geoff
  7. Oh yes - a splendid vehicle thanks. Just getting my head round winter, expecting her to out perform the S-Types.
  8. Thought I'd say hello, as a new member. …. but not new to the marque. Currently driving a 2012 2.2D XF Premium Luxury but previously owned a 2006 3.0 S-Type SE and before that a 2002 2.5 S-Type What lovely vehicles ! Geoff
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