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  1. Hi Mark no aerial is visible on the outside of my XKR the radio signal is fine I was just wandered where the aerial was as on my old XF it was on the roof.
  2. I have a 2007 XKR portfoilio and could do with the sat nav updating. I have some discs out of my old XF which I'm not sure if they will work and I have found some landrover jaguar 2013 discs in the car which I tried but couldn't get any info from them. As anyone updated there sat nav and how, help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I have a 2007 XKR portfolio coupe can anyone tell me where the aerial is please.
  4. Hi all I have just bought at 57 plate XKR coupe and I am struggling to connect my phone via Bluetooth. The phone Bluetooth is ok as connected to my previous Jaguar ok am I doing something wrong or is this a common fault.
  5. Thanks all for the reply's I think I will go down the route of looking for a "get me home wheel" brace and jack. Cheers
  6. Hi I wonder if anyone can help I have just bought a XKR coupe 2007 portfolio model this came with no spare wheel just a compressor towing eye and locking wheel nut adaptor should this model have a spare wheel or if not have other owners sourced there own.
  7. Just picked up my Jaguar XKR portfolio one word awesome haven't stopped smiling and only drove 25 mile. The sound of the v8 is unbelievable.
  8. Cheers pick the car up tomorrow will see a difference with running cost ie MPG but looking forward to getting it a real head turner. Are the ok to use as a every day car I don't do a lot of mileage only about 5k a year and usually bike to work so this will be a weekend toy and go to some jag meets.
  9. Thanks Leo I'm the same I love my XF and as been a very good car but if I don't swap now I never will and to be honest with them fetching the latest XF out mine is soon going to drop in price so I think now is the right time for it to go. I am looking forward to the XKR the sound of the V8 is awesome I will probably be the same as you turn the radio off. Thanks again.
  10. I currently drive a XF 3.0 DS which is my second XF I have owned this for about 3 years been looking over the last 12months at the XK models mostly convertible but out of my price range for what I want so I have opted for a coupe which I pick up next week. The model is a 2007 XKR portfolio 2007 in black with cream interior and metal finish dashboard just what I wanted, the sound of the car is owesome and my first petrol car in about 12 years what are current owners views on the XKR.
  11. Hi Steve I live in Worksop For my servicing needs MOT and general work I use John McCarthy Albion way in Worksop who is very good and reasonable price also I have just used The Jag Specialist at armthorpe Doncaster who just deals with Jaguars you can find him on facebook or web site is http://www.thejagspecialist.com/ got the recondmendation off this web page. cheers
  12. Hi Dave, If you remove the black plastic cap next to the LHS of the boot button you will find a lock for the boot. Remove your key from the fob and this allows you to open the boot.
  13. As anyone fitted the boot loom on a Jaguar XF 3.0 DS. The boot release button on the car and the fob don't work spoke to local Jag dealership say that loom as failed common fault these are £75 + vat and £80 + vat to fit trying to save some money in fitting myself is it a simple job.
  14. My first XF was the 2.7 yes plenty of power 204 BHP but a bit of a flat spot before it got going but drove very well end of the day its a Jaguar. I now have the 3.0 D S at 275 BHP lot smoother and responsive engine and same as one of the other comments cruises all day on the motorway but when you open it up its a animal. On experience I would go for the 3.0 either the std 240 BHP or the S model at 275 you will not be disappointed.
  15. Hi mate, I have got the 3.0 D S premium luxury mine is a 2010 and has 71500 on the clock I have owned the car coming up to three year regarding the maintenance costs brake pads and tyres general wear and tear otherwise ok touch wood. My car runs sweet as a nut still returning 40+ to gallon on a run and the power delivery still as strong as ever and I agree with a previous comment check for blisters on the paint work on the boot just under the chrome trim mine as just started. Good luck in finding what you want
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