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  1. Greg

    TPMS disable

    Today I went to Autoclinic-Telford, Unit 3, sovereign park, Halesfield 24, Telford TF4 7NZ Tel:01952 585555 They managed to turn off the warning message. It seems the NSF sensor was showing an error, I always maintained 2.5 bar in all wheels that's more than recommended. Manager suggested I fit a new sensor. Might fit one when tyre needs replacement or if error comes back Thanks to everyones help. For the time being afaic this thread is closed
  2. Greg

    TPMS disable

    Where is he? Postcode and phone number please
  3. Greg

    TPMS disable

    Car booked into Autoclinic in Halesfield for Monday 21. I'll let you know how I get on
  4. Greg

    TPMS disable

    Got my car booked in for 21st with a local auto electrician to see if they can cancel the Tyre System Failure warning. Then it wont matter what condition the wheel sensors are in. My next cat is going to be a mid 1985 model, something with no computers.
  5. Greg

    TPMS disable

    Not yet. Jag garage in Wolverhampton thinks they can do it but need my car, got it book in for next month. Going to phone a garage in Halesfield on Monday
  6. Greg

    TPMS disable

    With my car it's the Tyre System Failure. The wheel sensors still work
  7. I used to be a motor mechanic but that was 40 years ago. Then I tried to buy Ferodo. Phone your local motor factor and see what they stock then search for reviews of thoes products. When my front pads were replaced I had to have the sensors replaced as well, be prepared.
  8. The keys are cheap enough on Ebay. Yours could be faulty. Get another and reset it
  9. DPF is full or near to full Its recommended you drive at 60 mph in low gear for min 30 minutes. This gets the exhaust very hot and incinerates the gunk and spits it out. These engines dont take to lots of short trips. Your start off journey with a cold engine will dump a lot of unburnt fuel in the exhaust. I have the same problem with my XF, too much welly in the first 3 minutes it goes strait to limp, fine once warm. It gets a thrashing on the motorway, sometimes I have to make an excuse for a day out just to keep the engine happy
  10. Is it just the centre disc you want? Loads of them on Ebay. Quality varies some fit better than others
  11. Thanks for that info. The injectors were cleaned with a similar product but I will give Millars a go
  12. My wife's X Type 2.2 diesel has severe lumpiness starting from cold. It's so lumpy the car surges forward violently like a heart beat. The Shropshire Jag main agent misdiagnosed changing the EGR valve, still lumpy. They suggest cleaning the injectors, why? Car runs perfect when just above cold. I think it could be the Mass Air Flow Sensor. Any suggestion what the fault could be? Thanks in advance
  13. Greg

    TPMS disable

    I have a 2009 XF Portfolio S 3ltr diesel The batteries in the tyre pressure sensors are dead and the management system shows a continuous error. The TPMS is not required for this age of car I want the system disabled. My local, Telford Shropshire, auto electrician has the gear to do the work but the codes he needs to alter are greyed out, he doesn't know why and cannot proceed. Is there anyone here that can advise my electrician what needs doing. Or, is there another auto electrician not too far from (within 50 miles) Telford that can do it? I would like to get it fixed asap lockdown excluded. MoT due December must fix it before then Thanks in advance
  14. A few weeks ago I upgraded my car. Had, 2008 X Type Auto Est Chilly red with half black leather few toys, no sat nav, with 190,615 miles on the clock Now, 2008 X Type Auto Est Chilly red with full cream leather loads of toys, inc sat nav, and 75,000 miles on the clock Having driven the car and used the sat nav a number of times I would not buy an X Type on the sat nav feature alone, possibly the most disappointing feature it has, compared to a stick-on-the-screen TomTom Anyway, it has a 2009 sat nav DVD. Minutes ago I bought a 2012 DVD for £9 here At £9 I doubt this is a genuine disc, probably a copy, but at £9 who cares. I hope the seller is back soon with a 2015 copy for the same price Greg
  15. I have one spare ticket for the factory tour this Thursday. If you are anywhere near Telford Shropshire I would appreciate the company to the factory in mine or your car. Phone Greg at home on 01952 414411 or mobile 0787 6537 909 any time up to 11PM but not before 8:30 AM