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  1. Hi Bill, thanks for replying. Because this problem is an ongoing issue since buying the car I was just trying to rule something out of the equation. I’ve sent an email to Jaguar to find out if they can sort something out. I am somewhat astonished that Jaguar HQ don’t have new SD cards with the latest map on them that we can buy. After all what do they do for brand new cars, give you an empty SD card and tell you to pop off home and download the latest mapping information? - If this were a common problem with the electronics in the car someone else would have seen it and it would presumably be on a knowledge base somewhere. That’s why I’m going for the SD card as the most likely cause. I’ll update again if I find out anymore info. Pete
  2. I thought I would post an update on my satnav problem. I took my car to my local dealer to have the sd card validated as instructed on my InControl screen; despite their best efforts the sd card that I purchased would not load. A message on the updater read “ the scratch code you entered has already been used. Please enter another one “. So much for Satnav SD and their copies of up to date road maps. It also turned out to be a 2018 copy. So who’s looking stupid now. The long and short of it is that I presumably still have my random sd card error, an out of date map and I’m also £50 out of pocket for my troubles.
  3. Hi Barry, I haven’t a clue when it was introduced but my XF is a 2016 and it has it. Pete
  4. Many thanks for replying to me Trevor. The sd card arrived and I put it into my car and it has to be validated by a Jaguar dealer. I’ve had a satnav problem ever since I got the car ( see my other post) and I’m unwilling to pay £160 to update my card if it’s faulty. If the original fault reappears after this card has been validated I’ll know it’s the car. Unfortunately it is a random fault and I’ve never been near a dealer when the error appears on the screen. Since no errors are flagged up when the dealer had it for the day it is down to me to do what I can. Thanks again- Pete
  5. My satnav sd card is somewhat out of date and there’s no way that I want to pay £160 for the pleasure of a one year update. I’ve seen a company on line called Satnav SD who will charge only £50 for the latest update (apparently). Two questions: 1. Has anyone had dealings with them? and 2. Is the price good from your experience, assuming you haven’t done the £160 update? Pete
  6. Thanks for the nice replies. The dealer said that they checked the sd card and said it was ok. I’ll fire up my pc and try to copy it to another. Thanks again
  7. An update to my first post. I took my XF back to Inchcape but since the error is very random they could not find any faults on my car, not a fault code to be found anywhere. I’ve been told if it occurs when I’m near them to pop in and let them take a look whilst it is displayed on the screen. There have also been a couple of times where none of my favourites were able to be displayed and the screen displayed “the list is empty “. Oddly enough the only way to get them back is to switch the engine off and start again. Has anyone seen this fault?
  8. I keep getting an sd card read error message randomly popping up on my screen. Has anyone else had the same problem and if so is there a cure. Otherwise it’s back to Jaguar with my pride and joy
  9. Sorry I thought I was in the XF FORUM. I’ll post it again
  10. I keep getting an sd card read error message randomly popping up on my screen. Has anyone else had the same problem and if so is there a cure. Otherwise it’s back to Jaguar with my pride and joy
  11. Hi Pezzzer, thanks for replying. I went to the Jaguar dealer that I bought my car from and they told me they are not fitted to my car
  12. New XF Portfolio owner in need of help. I’m delighted with my 2016 model and everything appears to work fine with the exception of my lighted Jaguar sill lighting. Is there a switch that I can’t find or do they not work on all models. Hopefully one of you more experienced owners can assist. Pete