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  1. Thanks for the good wishes I guess there can be LEMON cars no matter what make really fancied the Jag rather than a German car at the time but regretted it within weeks of ownership I tried but one problem was followed by another yes it cost me around £7k in just over a year with repairs and the depreciation yes it ruined my experience but there were times I enjoyed the car Really enjoyed the Scottish meet where it ran like a drum for the weekend thankfully All the best and I hope your cars don't fail you like mine did
  2. Just got rid of my PITA Jaguar XF What a pity fantastic looking car very comfortable BUT what an absolute nightmare to own, ever since buying it I have just chased one problem after another soooooo glad to be rid of it now and good luck to its new owner at least they will get a warranty I would think as I sold it to we buy anything hopefully they get it repaired under warranty and have a really nice car, there can't be much else to go,wrong with it now surely... It's been a nightmare and I'm glad it's gone and no longer my problem, would I buy another Jaguar???? NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS
  3. I looked into this some time ago.... what i found is you needed the aux cable to fit the older ipod aux socket in centre console then you need an apple 30 pin to lightning adapter but from memory it wouldnt charge if done like this but dont know for sure as i thought it wasnt worth the hassle but then i only ever listen to the radio when in the car to the point that i have had the car for over a year and only 2 weeks ago i tried a cd in it so for me wasnt worth it
  4. Now I'm sure I posted on this thread and it's been removed????
  5. My iPhone 6 and my previous 5 connect via Bluetooth no probs but it won't dock to play your music it needs the older 4 for that or at least in my 59 plate xf
  6. Well love my XF again now BUT it has been by no means reliable.... Burst intercooler and then burst inlet manifold then months of restricted performance episodes but all good again now good luck with yours...
  7. Used to run my mondeo ST TDCi basically the same car apart from mine was the 2.2 rather than the 2.0 on any old fuel and averaged 47 mpg I'm not convinced by the benefits of premium fuel in a diesel But when I had my Nissan Skyline there was a difference between ordinary petrol and shell v power which was noticeable :-)
  8. Joe I have to admit I considered cutting my losses with the XF and selling it of to webuyanyshed but now I'm glad I didn't I found the problem and it's been the car I dreamed of owning since buying it, still very disappointed in the fact when the intercooler bursts which is a common problem Jaguar customer service wash their hands of it so when the inlet manifold and throttle body burst as well I lost all faith, then after getting them all replaced the car just kept coming up restricted performance but then I found a broken vacuum hose and all has been fine since, but during my times of consta
  9. Just a shame that both Peugeot and ford couldn't have made a better job of it really
  10. A brand with a premium price tag I'm afraid I know I have had endless problems with mine but it's all ok now or at least for the last couple of months it has... But it has been plagued with problems and forget Jaguar having any interest at all very poor in my experience ended up finding the problem myself
  11. My XF 2009 has a Peugeot engine with some plastic bits stamped Fomoco ford mo co im guessing... as for your clunks i think i would be looking into loose suspension parts...
  12. Hi Paul I think you will find that smaller engines cars have the fuel additive which I believe is only used when the DPF goes into a regen cycle and not all the time this is because they need extra help to regenerate the filter because they can't generate the heat that is required to burn it off whilst a 3L oil burner can generate more than enough heat Regards Rich
  13. That's a great pity but I also came very close to cutting my losses but ended up finding the fault myself
  14. It's been said time and time again Dealers are only out to rip you off or sell you another car Forget the list of jobs and take more notice of your mechanic and never take your car to a dealer ever again In all walks of life whether they are car dealers drug dealers or any other type of dealer they just want your money and nothing else
  15. There's you problem it does need a good run...... M25 can't be classed as a good run surely stationary in traffic well in me experience anyway take it for a blast up the M45 never any traffic on there you can really stretch a cars legs never seen a police car on there either luckily ;-)
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