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  1. £270+vat mines going in November it’s in Doncaster highly recommended
  2. Yes Jon age and the previous owners care does matter you are definitely correct on that.Its just a couple of niggles that’s all compared to my last vehicle an 04 cayenne with low mileage this is nothing that cost an arm and a leg wow.And no I no your not having a go pal.
  3. I’ve had the xf now for 10 months 09 3.0 d it’s now got 76,789 miles on the clock it’s been a great car but this last week I’ve had 2 little jiggles with it and it in my opinion comes down to quality. Yes I no these are common faults but it’s still p####s me off the rear exhaust shield as rattled it’s way off and the front passenger brake cover as come off due to the rivets rotting away. Not big jobs I’ll do them myself but just bugs the hell out of me why a big brand manufacturer uses rubbish parts.
  4. If your on Facebook Tony Dalton is supposedly the man to go to he’s partnered with delta motorsports now.Ive asked before on a Jaguar forum on Facebook and 9 times out of 10 his name comes up.Hes based darn sarf but comes up North every 6-8 weeks to do so many I’m waiting (I’m in Blackpool) cost is £295.
  5. I’m having mine done by a guy called Tony Dalton (he’s on Facebook) when he’s up near my area I’m in Blackpool I think he’s joined forces with delta performance.Im in a group on Facebook and if someone asks about mapping his name comes up all the time.
  6. Great cars I’ve had a 2009 luxury for 2 month ish great car best I’ve had
  7. Reusch

    New engine

    Wow what year and mileage as it got.
  8. I honestly can say my xf is the best car I’ve owned but I did love my s type that was a cracking car.
  9. Hoovering noise can it be heard coming from the passenger side.
  10. Reusch


    No problem I’m sure I’ll suss it out 👍
  11. Reusch


    Sorry to crash the post but which fuse is it for the dashcam I’ve just got a nextbase 312 Thanks Chris
  12. Just make sure all your paperwork is up to date ie 12 months mot,serviced and service book stamped and service light took off. I speak with experience 😁
  13. Great exterior colour I wasn’t keen on the tan interior but it looks great.