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  1. I'm with you on this one Peter --Things are fitted on there for a reason ?? All the best Frank.
  2. I agree its a beautiful exterior colour suits the XF.
  3. O.T.H

    Newbie here with a fault!

    Try E-Bay if that's what you want 2010 Jaguar XF Rear Right Passenger Side ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Jaguar · Right GBP 65.38 or Best Offer Free Shipping Frank
  4. O.T.H


    look here perhaps help.??? Interior Fuse Box Location: 2009-2015 Jaguar XF - 2009 Jaguar ...
  5. Perhaps this lot may help if not it will still be fun going through it ?? Ha Ha Footer Yahoo Help Suggestions Privacy(Updated) Legal(Updated) Advertise Powered by Bing™
  6. O.T.H

    1st Jag

    Hi Peter I always think your S Type looks fantastic in that photo ---a 100% I want . Frank
  7. O.T.H

    2011 XF 3.0 Ltr Brake pad wear sensor

    Hi Mac my idea is it will be one of these ??? One on each pad if the pads are OK it could one of these cables I had that problem on my X Type.????? Get them on E-Bay
  8. O.T.H

    Footwell lights

    Yes and I must say they look really good .
  9. O.T.H

    S Type Headlining Part 2

    Looks a great job done and and I would say at a fair price ???
  10. O.T.H

    Origins of the S type

    Hi Joe ----I know I have a X Type but thank-you they made very interesting readings .---Frank.
  11. O.T.H


    Hi Kevin --The first thing is to welcome you to the club I'm sure everyone will try to help you with your problems.---- The first thing I will ask is --Make sure you are using the correct battery for the car and that it is fully charged.????? Frank
  12. O.T.H

    Classics at Tatton Park

    Thank's for that Joe great shots ---I really enjoyed because I can't get to these shows anymore ----Frank
  13. Hi -Everyone to his own I like the Leaper and its on a X Type Peter .Ha Ha To me it makes it more Jaguar if you know what I mean ???
  14. O.T.H


    Hi Mike I have a friend in the same position as you with his garage well away from his power point and he found that a---- Solar Powered Trickle Battery Charger was the answer you can get one for as little as £20 from -Amason-. Frank
  15. O.T.H

    Motorways in Bad Weather.

    Nothing wrong with hand signals especially when made to Jaguar drivers .Ha-Ha .