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  1. I have been told its best to drop sub frame out the bottom as its difficult to split the gearbox to get the engine out the top ???
  2. Hi--With my X Type a second press on the remote after the first press unlocks all doors ??? Could be the same ???
  3. The fist thing you must do is check your battery is fully charged and in good condition and how old it is ???
  4. Hi Steven---Nice to have you on board
  5. Just asking dose the headlight flash work on the stick ---dose low beam work ??? and are you sure you have the correct bulb ???
  6. Hi The first thing I advice is to check the battery if its low you get all these sort of problems ???
  7. She realy looks good be proud when you drive her 😀😀
  8. XK 140 -- she looks 100% a great photo.
  9. Hi Don --Nice having you with us and we will all look forward to the images of the Jaguars .your working on .??
  10. Hi Geoff--She looks really good and the history sounds great -so enjoy the drive and continental trips . Frank
  11. Hi Stephen --Welcome to the club and its good to be proud of a great looking S-Type she looks really good and we will look forward to more pictures anytime . Frank
  12. I tend to agree with Leo --Battery problems tend to lead to spurious warning messages-- Battery on way out ???
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