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  1. Great find Peter very interesting . Frank
  2. Thanks for that Joe really enjoyed slide show some really great shots with lots of Jaguar's ---I cant go far now because of health reasons so really appreciate the photo's . Frank
  3. I had the same problem with a volvo many years ago and that was a tyre--it looked OK and with good tread but had a raised hard spot ??? An easy check-- I would jack the car up until the wheel just clears the floor then turn the wheel if the tyre and wheel is true it will spin OK ???? Frank
  4. Hi --Welcome to the club John ----- Is it just me but If we are talking MPG in a 3.0 ltr car on any real luxury car like the XF and have to drive extremely carefully to get the best fuel consumption ????? I know my Jaguar X type is only a 2 ltre engine but I just drive and enjoy the feel of the vehicle and love it .??? All the best. Frank
  5. O.T.H

    Clean car

    Looks really great well worth the time spent --I think that color really suits the XF . Frank
  6. Pleased to help with your request of removel of the reg shot. Frank
  7. Welcome great to have you with us . Frank
  8. I think perhaps there's still something still putting a drain on the system and could still be that mirror ????--- The automatic ---fold in --????? Frank
  9. Hi Adrian -I'm just thinking that having all those problems at odd times and at different times ???? Just thinking ---is the the battery keeping at full charge --how old is the battery ???? Frank
  10. The door card you would have to remove to get to the rear .???
  11. I hope this will help ?? : Full Wood trim removal on the XF lelstacey 14th July 2014, 09:26 I know the door cards are already covered but can anyone help with all the rest of the wood trim? especially the bits along the centre console... As there has been talk lately by a few of us on changing it i think this would be good to have on here 🙂 D3GGY 14th July 2014, 09:30 This is covered too in the how, to section. The only item mot covered I guess is the spear, but this is straight forward and pings off with a trim tool. ChrisSB 14th July 2014, 09:33 If you put your fingers under the buttons in the long dash piece you can just pull it off. To refit, remove the metal clips from the trim and put them back in the holes in the dash. Then push fit the trim piece ensuring the connectors for the buttons and glove box release are refitted. lelstacey 14th July 2014, 19:28 I did look on the how to first but couldn't see it?
  12. I don't know if you have one of these --it does tell how to fit an oil pump to a 2.7 diesel on the outside but not an easy job ???? http://www.raistlin295.com/jaguar/User Manuals/S Type Handbook MY 2007.pdf
  13. I agree with Bill -Nice one there.
  14. I had both X TYPE sills replaced and a great job was done --cost =£400 labor + price of sills - £101 --each I thought it well worth having done because now since having it done 2 yrs ago --MOT no problems.
  15. All the best to you Graham We hope to hear from you again when you buy another Jaguar.???
  16. Hi --I may be wrong but to me, it sounds as though you have an air lock in the system somewhere ????
  17. I'm with you on this one Peter --Things are fitted on there for a reason ?? All the best Frank.
  18. Try here it will perhaps help you ???? https://www.gov.uk/get-vehicle-information-from-dvla
  19. I agree its a beautiful exterior colour suits the XF.
  20. Try E-Bay if that's what you want 2010 Jaguar XF Rear Right Passenger Side ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Jaguar · Right GBP 65.38 or Best Offer Free Shipping Frank
  21. O.T.H


    look here perhaps help.??? Interior Fuse Box Location: 2009-2015 Jaguar XF - 2009 Jaguar ...
  22. Perhaps this lot may help if not it will still be fun going through it ?? Ha Ha Footer Yahoo Help Suggestions Privacy(Updated) Legal(Updated) Advertise Powered by Bing™
  23. Hi Peter I always think your S Type looks fantastic in that photo ---a 100% I want . Frank