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  1. Happy Birthday Luke_s-type_v8!

  2. Good once iv got numbers il try and arrange were we can do it and a photographer:) but if you know anyone with any interesting cars would be good :) I'm thinking of doing it spring time
  3. Good :) be nice to get some classics if you know anyone ?
  4. Do you live local ? I was thinking do it in spring , try and get a local photographer and be good to see other peoples cars and ideas
  5. 2002 s type 4ltr v8 sport black leather with walnut
  6. God that's slot better then my s type gets my average is 16 mpg on the trip computer , my brother I. Law is looking at a 3ltr v6 easte is there anything you would look out for wen buying one ?
  7. I got a new spare key a jag one is exspebsive I got an audi style flip key cut and programmed for 100
  8. Is anyone intrested in a cleephorpes meet ?
  9. Hello would anyone be intrested in a meet at cleephorpes ? I want to make a day of it would be nice to get some classics there :)
  10. Would anyone be intrested in a meet in cleephorpes ? If so let me know I would like to arrange a few things make a day of it :)
  11. Hey I would like to arrange a meet in cleephorpesif anyone intrested let me know il try and arrange a few things :)
  12. Well I'm thinking spring , but if we could get a group I would try and arrange something make a day of it :) be good to see other peoples ideas
  13. Anyone fancy a cleephorpes meet ? Il try arrange something