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  1. Hi Mark, it sound to me, and I don't know for sure, but it could be a fuel filter problem, I'm only guessing of course. Have you run the car ''low'' on fuel at all at anytime?? When I say low, I mean, only around 50 - 70 mile range left in the tank?? If you have, its possible debris might have been dragged into the fuel filter and clogged it, hence the poor idle and stalling ....... but its only a guess on my part. Hope this might help?? Phosphor Blue ( Aka Malc )
  2. Hi there Peter, I for one would be very interested in another meet up, as it was just sooooo good yesterday!!!! I did pop into Swansway and thank them for their hospitality, and breakfast etc, am quite sure a note from your good self would go down very well indeed with them I think any ''soot'' that may have been in / around the DPF has now been well and truly dispatched, a 303 mile round trip, and worth every millimetre of it. Many many thanks again for arranging it all for us Peter, Very Best Wishes, Malc ( Phosphor Blue )
  3. Hi everyone, WOW, what a brilliant day on Sunday, absolutely LOVED IT, even if ( for me ) finding the place was a ted tricky!!!! Was absolutely lovely to meet you all, and ''if'' I'm ever able to upload the photo's i took, I will do ....... Best Wishes to you all, and GREAT to meet up, Malc ( Phosphor Blue )
  4. Can't wait, am REALLY REALLY looking forward to this Peter, many many thanks for taking the trouble to arrange this for us all, Malc ( Phosphor Blue ) ;-)
  5. Hi there Peter, Wow, thats great, and I for one would just like to say Thank you so much, for all the time and effort you have put into organising this for all of us here, I'm so looking forward to it, and to meeting other J.O.C members / Jaguar fans .... Very Best Wishes, Phosphor Blue aka Malc Waters
  6. Hi again Peter, yep, please do count me ''in'' on this ........ many many thanks indeed, Malc ( aka Phosphor Blue )
  7. Hi there everyone, yep, I would be very very interested in coming along to this ..... if various things permit. I'll TRY and confirm for deffo if I am able to attend asap, Malc W ( Phosphor Blue )
  8. Hi there Neil, welcome me ole china, enjoy your new set of wheels, and the club, Best Wishes, Phosphor Blue ( Malc )
  9. WOW your Jag sure looks the biz, lovely stuff, thanks for posting Best Wishes again, and ENJOY!!!! Malc
  10. Hi there Ward, welcome, and enjoy you Jag ....... looking forward to any photos you might post?? Best Wishes, Malc ( Phosphor Blue )
  11. Our carpet fitter Steve popped round to give us a quote this afternoon, oh look, he brought his Big Black Cat round also ........ Big Black Cat chat :w00t::yahoo:


    1. Phosphor Blue

      Phosphor Blue

      My partner would like it to be known, that the bungalow in the background is NOT ours .... :wacko::yawn:

  12. Hi there you guy's, Shell V-Power has a higher ''cetane rating / number'' than its ordinary sister fuel, so like petrol with a higher octane rating / number, you get more ''bang'' hence more power, and apparently a cleaner burn, which is good news for the DPF. I also use Archoil 9800 every now and then at tank fill ups, this again, apparently raises the cetane rating, so again, more POWER as well as keeping turbo's and various engine components cleaner for longer Malc
  13. Hi there Peter, I hope and trust you and yours are refreshed from your time away in Dorset?? You said in your comments about Shell premium diesel, would that be Shell V-Power?? I ONLY use Shell V-Power, and my 3.0 XF returned very close figures to yours on a trip from Lincolnshire to Bedfordshire, & return, tho, at one point the fuel computer was showing 51.?? MPG which I didn't think was to shabby at all!!!! All the Best me ole mukka, Malc ( Phosphor Blue )
  14. Hi there again Andy, Thats great news, will you be planning on posting any pictures once the work is done ( maybe some before work is done?? ) Those light clusters ain't cheap, I'm led to believe Anyway, congratulations on your purchase, I so hope you enjoy, when you do get her back, and, if you do upload any photo's, I can't wait to see them Very Best Wishes, Malc W ( Phosphor Blue )
  15. Hi there Andy, My goodness, ya couldn't make it up, so very sorry to read that, do HOPE its ALL gets sorted to your total SATISFACTION, all the very very best to you and yours, and of course, your Jag, which, with luck, will look as good as new, very very shortly!!!! Malc W ( Phosphor Blue ) Ps. Welcome to the club
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