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  1. Thanks Joe, The engineer who I have been speaking to used a diagnostic tool which gave him a number of codes. He is certain that the source of these is a abs wheel slip sensor. Fingers crossed that he was is correct as the part is expensive and only available from Jaguar. Jimster
  2. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Peter. I know it is some time since, but the problem did not reoccur until this past weekend. Finally got to the bottom of the mystery and found that it is a 'wheel slip sensor ' which fools the gearbox control, also came up as abs and dsc failure all linked to the sensor fault. Local wizard sorting it for me. Thanks again Jimster
  3. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Peter. I am not really sure if I can get the codes read without going to the main dealer in Belfast and if it will so the fault unless it is occurring at the time. I may give the Miller's a go. Am I right in thinking it is a general conditioner/cleaner? Thanks again Jimster
  4. Hi, Old Peter, I am a newby too and I have had an 2.7 S type for some years, and am very happy. I have been having a similar problem to John. It is occurring intermittently, usually on cold starting. Do you think that the treatment above will help? In N Ireland we do not have many specialist independent garages. Regards Jimster
  5. Welcome to the Jaguar forums jimster :)