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  1. Hello, I have been told i have a vacuum leak on my car (2007 XK4.2 non supercharged ) Any ideas where to start looking Many thanks
  2. The sump is an easy fix, just remove the under tray and it comes off with no problem £30 for a gasket delivered next day all done. The torque setting is 12Nm/9lb.ft
  3. Hi,I have a 2007 XK and have been told the sump gasket is leaking is this an easy job to do at home or is it more involved and needs a garage to sort it. Many thanks.
  4. I will need about 2 miles of cable so that route is a big no no,and its not a solar panel direct to the battery it runs through a control unit into a smart charger that looks after the battery just like a ctek or any other smart charger. Rob.
  5. Yes the battery will have a full charge before being disconnected and unfortunately will be left outside,I like the idea of the solar charger but I'm not sure what size i would need,as i am not sure how much power drain for the alarm and anything else the car has when it is locked up. Rob.
  6. I need to lay up my 2007 Xk for a few months and will disconnect the battery as I don't have access to a power supply will I have any issues when I reconnect the battery
  7. Thanks will have a look on fleabay and check it out.
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know where i can get a couple of side light bulb holders for my 2007 XK,have been to the local dealer to be told they only come with a headlight unit costing the best part or £1800 which is a bit rubbish as i only need the bulb holder.
  9. cheers peter,that's what im hoping for it would be nice to see what others are using before i go and get a set.
  10. I will be changing my tires very soon as there wearing out quite quickly (i do have have a heavy right foot ) I currently have dunlop sports max and was wondering what other tires people use
  11. not one to give up i have tried another type of led bulb in the map light's and they work . I have checked these against some of the other led's that did not work and there is a slight difference in the size where it pushes in and the holder has very thin contacts so the bulb has to fit just right or it wont work.very happy now.
  12. Hi.I have a 2007 xk and the steering column will not move backwards and forwards it goes up and down ok any ideas if its an easy fix or has it got to go to a main dealer to sort out
  13. Have just tried another type of led in the map lights and still nothing I guess i am unable to use them,such a shame as the other led's all work and look great.
  14. need a bit of help with this one,I have just changed the boot lights to led bulbs no problems,changed the footwell lights to led's no problems then I changed the top center light to led again no problem but when i change the two map lights to led's they will not work have tried several types of led and put them in both ways but they will not light up put back the original glass 501's and the map lights work ,This has me rather puzzled.
  15. I think it has to be the genuine jaguar software as that opens up all systems,shame that you are so far away as i can borrow a friends laptop and obd cable.