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  1. nigbon

    some of my previos jags

    still some missing, a series 2 xj6 , series 3, 2 xjs and a xj40. hope to find the pics of them.
  2. Hi guys car is all back together and up and running , I can now say it was the biggest car job I have done in the 40years I have been working on cars, there was a bit of name calling at times, due to the fact some of the components was hard to get to because of the confine space in the engine bay, I was lead in it sometimes not a pretty sight, I was told by jaguar they would have taken the engine out and replaced it with a recon one cost over £4000 , it cost me £1500 and gained at lot of knowledge of the 2.7 diesel engine, and also a lot of back ache , would I do it again, no. Cannot wait to Finnish putting last bit of trim back on and using it again. Still the best of all the jags I've had.
  3. all new bits have now arrived ready to rebuild the engine does any one know if no 1 piston should be at tdc or before tdc It doesn't tell you in the manual even called local jag dealer they don't know also went on the net can't find an answer it is a 2.7 diesel i appreciate a quick answer .cheers
  4. hi started stripping the engine down , lucky I have found the chain, but valves are bent . camsharft holders were loose with a broken bolt some cam followers are broken and floating around the head not a pretty sight. I have got 2 replacement heads coming so will help I think what was a repair job is now a project, keep you posted,
  5. hi peter it isn't a company car. I wish it was. I just hope I can find the chain lol ,
  6. Update on the xf took the cam covers off today not a pretty sight some cams have come off the valves on one side and all the followers are loose.that's one side the other side same again also the cam chain has snapped and gone missing cannot see it hopping it's in its recese and not gone down in the sump not good at the moment
  7. Hi was I had a 2.5 petrol got about 32 /35 mpg on a run ,may mate had the same x type but the 2.2 diesel he was getting a much better fuel economy then me, also mine was a automatic, his was a manual, the 2.2 diesel is a very good engine , only problem with the manual gearbox is that the clutch went, and it is fitted with a duel mas flywheel, cost him over £1200 for a new clutch . Ochi !.
  8. :(Cheers Colin spoke to the mechanic Friday when he comes back Monday he is going to reset the crank and timing marks where they should be and recheck the compression if the readings is high then I have got away without valve damage my engine bay doesn't look very pretty at the moment.
  9. Hi update on the car even more serious found out that the crankshaft sprocket had moved and chucked the timing way out not sure if the engine is valve safe looks like the heads have to be removed big job will keep you posted.
  10. Hi Peter a bit more serious, had a guy look at the car seems to be an ECU fault ,coming back with better software hopefully will sort out problem will keep you posted.
  11. Hi I need help, I have just changed the Camelot on my xf jag all working good took it up the motorway for a test drive got up to speed then it coughed and spluttered then stopped . Won't start again , got it recovered home , thought it might be the belt so I stripped it down again to check-out the timing marks, all as it should be, any ideas please.
  12. Hi Peter. Good reply like all t and t most people only read part of it.I have a place in France and go there every 5 to 6 weeks and have done so for the last 10 years. So I suppose I have been lucky. What hakes me off more than anything is that the first time I take the jag over that happened . Moral of the story is read all the terms and conditions of your insurance. By the way if I had called the company. It was free to upgrade to fully comp.never mind we all learn hence the topic.
  13. If you are planning to visit the Continent this summer with your jag, make sure you inform your Insurance Company beforehand, I didn't know, I had a accident in Holland, not my fault. I am fully comp, with a commercial policy, when I got back , I informed my insurance about the accident, which is AXIA insurance, they said that because I didn't inform them beforehand that I was going abroad, I was only insured third party only, apart from putting me in touch with a claims company, apart from that they didn't want to know. I am now possibly left with a £5000 repair bill. What a easy get out clause for them not to do anything.
  14. Hi jimmy spoke to my mate today, he had the same problem, yes the injectors do have to be calibrated to the engine. Good luck. Nigel.
  15. Hi Jimmy is it a manual or may sound silly.if it's auto shift the gear selector through the range .Make sure the lever is right in park or neutral sometimes the switch sticks.nigel