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  1. Hi Jim, Thank you. Yes The Ctek are very good I know, will be buying one soon.
  2. Hi John, Thank you, yes it will be looked after. I have always looked after my cars. Regards, Julie.
  3. Hi Trevor and John, Thank you. I think its electrical another lights come on as I was driving to Tesco and I got locked inside the car twice, RAC fitting new battery tomorrow😊
  4. Hi, I have recently bought an S type 2003 petrol. It was fine and I put it in for an MOT on Friday, passed no problem. But now heater not working. a/c not b owing cold air, ABS light on / drive a while goes off / stop drive a few miles on again? DBS light on? Now to be honest 2 weeks ago when all was working it had a 4 hour drive. Since then only may be 20 mins a week. Was on a 3 hour drive today. What do you think? battery? Kind Regards, Julie.
  5. Hi Chris, Welcome to Jaguar Owners Club. Your in the right place if you want to learn more. We have some very knowledgeable members 😊 Best Regards, Julie.
  6. Tatton Park, Knutsford, this June with one of Britain's most popular car shows to celebrate the golden age of motoring. Over 2000 classic cars will be on display offering the public to delve into the beauty of spectacular cars as enthusiasts display an impressive collection of privately owned cars from all over the world. The show also features a massive autojumble with specialist suppliers. Come to the show with your family or friends and enjoy the fun-packed weekend full of cars, entertainment, music and food! Tickets available on the day
  7. Hi Justin, Glad you fixed problem. I did not know you could buy a kit and do this yourself. Always thought that it had to be done by a garage. Good to know. Regards, Julie.
  8. Hi Michael, Not great service from the dealership. Personally I would not accept their offer. To check where you stand legally are you an AA or RAC member? their legal teams are very good. There are a number of parts supplier such as https://www.onlineautomotive.co.uk/car-parts/Jaguar/XJ?gclid=CjwKCAjwjtOTBhAvEiwASG4bCGBn0yaJxq3CbzPTjQCrKpcdrBqZc92VEPIS6BLiVMQQgCa56jSLIxoC0JMQAvD_BwE https://www.autoreservejaguar.com/ I hope you can sort it out. Kind Regards, Julie.
  9. Hi john, Not sure on XJ but in general usually Cams are recommended to be changed either every 4 - 5 years or or between 40 - 100k. Probably does not need it but I would just ere on the side of caution. Kind Regards, Julie.
  10. Hi John, There is a site called Viking Tapes they have a number of tapes here is one. may be worth a look? Kind Regards, Julie. https://www.vikingtapes.co.uk/collections/fire-retardant-double-sided-tapes
  11. Hi Marie, Welcome to Jaguar Owners club.😊 Kind Regards, Julie.
  12. I know John, it was an article on another clubs site. They had a special offer for members it was reduced to £700 for a few days, some company in Telford.
  13. Thank you both for your help. The Ceramic coating I found was £1400! Kind Regards, Julie.
  14. Hi, has anyone had their car treated with a full ceramic coating? Is it worth while? does it offer protection if your car is kept outside like mine? Thank you. Julie.
  15. Hi Hastings basically accused me of trying to defraud them. I had problems with the web site. It kept sticking and going back to last page etc The wrong info went through. I rang to tell them and was cross examined as though i had done something wrong. The mistakes that went through would have actually meant I would have paid more for my insurance not gained by it. I pointed this out but rude unhelpful staff said you gave us wrong details as though I had done this on purpose. I cancelled the insurance being so annoyed by this. No apology just a letter claiming they had cancelled the Insurance due to me supplying wrong information! My Neighbour had cancelled a policy told he owed nothing else, he actually confirmed this and they said no nothing owed. Then had letter saying he needed to pay money owed. He complained but had the same unhelpful and could not careless attitude from the staff.
  16. Aubrey - i knew some one called Aubrey, a real gentleman.
  17. Hi Mark, Looks amazing, well worth the effort😊 Best Regards, Julie.
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