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  1. Hi John, Yes, it was a great day, so much to see, I did not get around it all. So many lovely old classic cars. If anyone goes to the NEC go early. 9am Queues back on to M42. I left at 2pm and cars still coming in. And take your own food £4.50 for a pasty! Best Regards, Julie.
  2. Looking forward to going Saturday not long now🙂
  3. Hello Jeremy, Welcome to Jaguar Owners Club🙂 Glad you are enjoying your XF. If you would like to, please put a few Photos of your pride and joy. Kind Regards, Julie.
  4. Hi, If any one lives near or fancies a day out in Somerset, I can recommend the Haynes Motor Museum. I visited the Museum at the weekend. The volunteer staff are really knowledgeable about the exhibits and happy to tell you all about them. They do not have a huge range of Jaguars, but if you like cars / motorbikes its worth a visit. web site https://www.haynesmuseum.org/
  5. Hi Jonathan, Please feel free to put some photos on. Could you put a bit more detail on for any one who may be interested Please such as, Is the car Running? Any faults? what kind of price would you be looking for please? Kind Regards, Julie.
  6. Hi Jason, Welcome to Jaguar Owners Club.😊 Kind Regards, Julie.
  7. Hi Barry, E bays a good place to look or could try people like https://www.justjagsuk.com/products SNG barratt https://www.autoreservejaguar.com/ Kind Regards, Julie.
  8. Hi Ian, On top right side of your original post are 3 dots. click on dots, select edit and you can add more photos there. Any problems you can send me photos to add. Kind Regards, Julie.
  9. Hi Simon, Welcome to Jaguar Owners Club 🙂 Beautiful car in a gorgeous colour. Stunning. Enjoy driving your XF Kind Regards, Julie.
  10. Learn is last word so following on my word is Study
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