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  1. Hi Have you looked at Osram Night Breakers not tried them my self but have heard others saying they are bright , not cheap though £158 from car bulbs direct and are road legal More Info OSRAM Xenarc Night Breaker Laser D1S (Twin) No customer ratings yet Maximum Performance bulb Up to 200% more brightness Beam length up to 250m Road legal RRP: £281.99 £158.99 NIGHT BREAKER 200 Introducing our brightest halogen headlight bulb - NEW NIGHT BREAKER 200! With up to 200% more brightness1) to guide your way, this high-performance halogen bulb enhances your ability to drive safer at night. Globally approved for road use, this eye catching upgrade for your headlights offers a modern look with up to 20% whiter light that is sure to impress. With up to 150m light beam, you can see farther and detect signs and obstacles sooner - wherever your journey takes you. Insist on OSRAM – the No. 1 in Automotive Lighting. Check out our Video on YouTube here>> OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® 200 is available to buy now from our OSRAM Approved Partners! Available ECE Types: H4 & H7 Packaging Types: DUO PACK Key Features: Up to 200% more brightness1) Up to 150m long beam Mirror chrome cap Up to 20% whiter light1) Brightest OSRAM halogen light Key Benefits: More light allows you to see farther and therefore react sooner Better visibility Modern look Signs, obstacles and hazards can be recognized sooner Premium quality made by OSRAM
  2. yes i would prefer a badge to wear Carl.
  3. Good Morning Peg, Welcome to Jaguar Owners. A very elegant car indeed. I understand how you loved it at first site. I am sure there are some wonderful roads to drive where you are. enjoy! Kind Regards, Julie.
  4. Hi Collin, Welcome to Jaguar Owners Club. I had XF but cant answer that sorry, have you looked at the several videos on line they can be quite useful. I am sure one of the other XF owners can help, we have some very knowledgeable people on here. Best Regards, Julie.
  5. Hi I am waiting for Admin to get back to me. May be in past they had a badge, I do not know. I collect badges got a good little collection now, but always on look out for the unusual🙂
  6. Hi Jaguar Drivers Club Badge looks like that.
  7. Hi Mark, I have never seen a metal badge, may be Admin can tell us. I have seen advertised on ebay an American badge - Jaguar Owners Club was it one of those possibly on Gum Tree? Kind Regards, Julie.
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