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  1. Parroy (Advanced hands free music system) will fit any S type Jaguar. Includes Full fitting kit, (including extra harness so it can be worked from steering wheel). Removed from S type when hubby changed from S type to XF. £80 if collected in person ( from AL2 Hertfordshire) £90 if posted to you.
  2. Yes that is fine. address is 2 Dishman Court, Bluett Road, London Colney, St Albans, Herts AL2 1SA things a bit better now thanks. I will post as soon as I have the details.
  3. Sorry for the delay had family emergency. They are brand new, still in their packaging. Postage is £3.45 1st class, £2.95 2nd class or £8.60 special delivery guaranteed next day delivery
  4. £10 if you are able to collect or £10 plus postage, I can find out how much that will cost tomorrow. . We are in St Albans Hertfordshire
  5. Just changed from S Type and have the following available. front seat covers, spare wheel with tyre, repair panel rear wheel arch wing set ot 2, and Brand new rear wheel arch trim set 4 piece. please contact for further details
  6. Thank you for the reply but that seems to be about the brake sticking on whereas my problem is that is will not engage.
  7. Jaguar S type 2.7v6 diesel automatic 06 reg. intermittently the park brake will not engage and Park brake fault comes up on the dash. I have been told this could be to do with a sticking rear brake calliper. Does that make sense. As do not want to go to the hassle of changing them if it would not help. It did this before and changing the brake pads seemed to help for a while but it has started doing it again.
  8. Thank you. The car is not in limp mode so we have done what Peter suggested and will see if that helps. The code apparently means they are sticking not gone completely. We have been quoted about £600 all in to have them replaced.
  9. Thank you Peter. Did doing this sort the problem out permanently. My husband has done this today and said that when he put the spray in a load of dirt came out the exhaust so hopefully that has helped clean it. He has also put some Winns Diesal Fuel additive in and given it a good blast as you suggested. Regards Joan
  10. Can anyone please help. Just had car diagnosed with intermittent fault on EGR valve and am trying to locate exactly where this is in the engine. Can anyone help please.
  11. My S type 06 2.7 V6 diesel has a problem with the left hand rear indicator. It is working slower than the left one. Has any one any idea why this might be and what I can do it about it.
  12. the clip that holds the cover on the headlight washers on my Jaguar 2 type ( 2006) broke and the cover flew off and disappeared. I had to buy new full washer jets and cover as they do not do the clip on its own. Does anyone know how to replace the unit please. It looks like it should just push on but I am not sure
  13. Apperently is says " registered" when he turns the ignition on.
  14. Hi My husband paired phoned but when he stops and then uses the car again it is not recognising the phone. Any idea what he is doing wrong
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