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  1. Hi Andy, Thanks for the pictures. At least I won't feel so bad, and alone in this misery ;) My only salvation is that I have a local bodyshop in walking distance, so I can see my Kitty as she gets repaired. Also I've managed to get the garage to pay for the cost to bring it to MOT condition, hence they have just issued one 3 weeks ago. Obviously there was something dodgy going on there. The sill I have will be the outside only, the rest will be built up by the bodyshop. I have to rely on the local word-of-mouth to trust them as I never would have buy a car with such extensive rust. Will se what happens. I try and stay positive. ;)
  2. UPDATE: Fox has fixed the bonnet however, in order to do so, they had to break through the original grill :( At least they have put a replacement one on. not the same, and was not painted, so I sprayed it with what I had left from the wheels. Temporary fix. Only looks good from a distance. :) Also, now I have to find a badge for this one too...
  3. Can I ask somebody to take a picture for me from the Near Side locking mechanism? As far as I can make it out through the grill, it has one lever, and two mounting point for the cable (one each side of the lever) which would allow either to pull or push the lever. I have try and pull it, but did not work. Its either broke and stuck, or I should push it, but that is even more difficult :-/ Thank you P.S. Just found a picture on the net that made me think I need a rod bent to push towards the near side, rather than a cable to pull towards the middle. Am I wrong?
  4. Cheers Stan, It looks like the main has been damaged bz H.A.Fox :( however, it might be unlocked already. The one on the passenger side is still locked though. I have tried and pull it through the grill, but it is in an awkward position and need something to pull sideways with. Simple wire did not work. I almost broke the grill. I just hope I can make it to Warwick Castle tomorrow, and somebody will have a strong enough piece of something in the boot to open it :)
  5. Hi all, I would like to pick all experienced enthusiasts' brain on HOW TO OPEN BONNET WHEN CABLE IS SNAPPED? Last Wednesday I took my S-type to H.A. Fox for service. Since then I could not open the bonnet. I heard the click sound of the release, but still no lift at all. I did not want to force it so took it back. They could not open it either, but they have managed to snap the cable :( They have asked me to take it back on next Wednesday, and leave it with them. Unfortunately PSF need to be topped up for tomorrow's Jaguars at the Castle, so I need urgent DIY solution. From which point I could get a access to the safety hatch without causing damage. Thank you.
  6. Thank you Russ68, I have ordered it ;) Shop will put it on for £300 :( Anyway. I will try and get my money back from the guy, who did the MOT. :-/
  7. Hi All, Any chance one of you know a good bodywork specialist to fix this hole on the near side sill? Thanks in advance
  8. TamaStype

    Rust... :(

    As suspected, there WAS a reason for the sale...
  9. I have a quite old-looking phone set installed in mine. No brand name on it, or anything, but seems to be hooked up on the radio. Not the Motorola flip-phone though, that showed on the Jaguar handover video. The holder is installed on the tape storage's facade, and not in the elbow rest in the centre. Could this be factory fitted or aftermarket?
  10. If I may chip in!? I was just thinking to do the same on my 4.0 V8. I've seen some nice Magnaflow videos on YouTube, but worried a bit about being too loud on long trips. But it would be awesome around town. Love to hear the grunt and rumble of the beast on leash... Is there any issue with MOT with these? Thanks, and sorry for the intrusion Maca44.
  11. That is on the list of things to change in the first instance Andy. :) One thing I never played with is the safety of my family. Whenever I buy a used car, I take it to the dealership, get it serviced and checked, and fix everything that needed fixing. On this occasion though I might get Simon and Wayne to have a look. They might can get it done below dealership price, but with equally high standard or even beyond.
  12. Thanks Peter, I have contacted a few from there (text, e-mail, voice message) then I realized, its Bank Holiday Weekend. :) I just really want to get her back in shape. Patience. Regards, Tamas
  13. Hi all, I wonder if you could direct me to a reliable, budget-friendly trades person, who could get my lady back in shape? Thank you
  14. Thanks Raislin, I did an eBay search and none of them were BRG :( It seems that once I get the real one fixed, I can get a 1/18 and do that one too... ;) Thank for the link.