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  1. Where you staying in it Andy. Rhyl prom
  2. Sounds like torque converter related???
  3. The pic of the satnav you have put on are ok I have it in my van. And you can change the colour to match your dash lights, and reverse camera is easy install
  4. I did change a couple of dead bulbs on my 430 on the heated seats control panel, they were just push fit easy job but had to get bulbs from Lexus couldn't seem to get the correct size anywhere else. So if all the bulbs are same size for all other lighting I think you would be struggling to get led's???
  5. Is there not a French jag owners club? Maybe worth joining
  6. I had mine done on my transit van. Had all changed to blue led, they had to be soldered. But couldn't say about the jag?
  7. All I had to do is let my phone search and find jaguar
  8. Can't beat it. I live in mine, well for 10,5 months anyway
  9. Hi Steve. Noticed All your pics are at side of a static, is it your holiday retreat? Or do you live in it. Phil
  10. Phil58


    My 2.5 petrol sat at 2000@70mph
  11. They all have the button, but doesn't mean it's got it, when you press button what comes up on screen?
  12. With some parrot systems you can play your music through it, maybe that's why they had it fitted,
  13. Would be interesting, I can't try it as I sold my jag last night.