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  1. Hi Keefster14, I am having difficulty responding to your post about updating an XF Sat Nave using a USB stick, the site is denying me access and my original post about my experience has disappeared!

    in answer to your suggestion about sharing a USB, it is not possible, Jaguar have put a DRM (Digital Rights Management) system in place where it creates a specific Activation Code based on the VIN number of the individual car, this code can only be generated if a genuine order for the update is present on your Jaguar Navigation log in page.

    I bit the bullet and bought the update (£174 inc. P&P) and ran it yesterday, it took 2 hours 55 minutes to complete plus a further 15 minutes to initialise. The let down is that when I checked the map version in the diagnostics screen, it reports that the mapping version is xx 16 xx, indicating that what they are advertising as 2017 mapping is actually 2016, something I am very unhappy about. I have written to them asking for an explaination, I will post their response, if and when I get a reply.

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