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  1. A late peply, I had the same problem on my x type. garage changed egr valve but no better so took it to independent jag specialist who diagnosed faulty turbo actuator. That fixed it and cured the problem. This was still ok 40k later when I sold it. Cheers Rod
  2. I have heard of copper slip on back of new pads to stop them rattling but certainly not on wheel nuts. cheers rod
  3. Hi alex, I had a x type estate until recently when i had to sell it due to ill health. Mine was auto but found it a really nice car.I always ran it on premium fuel. I bought it with 80 k on it and sold it with 140kon it. I always maintained it well, such as changing engine oil and filter every 7k miles. The only thing I had to replace fairly often was the bushes on the rear anti roll bar, so if you look at one listen for a rattle from the back end. The tailgate operates via a button beneath the rear light trim. The tailgate opens in two parts allowing the upper glass to be opened seperate from the main tailgate, also with a button. Dont know about load limits but I used to tow a 5m caravan without any problem. Most of my driving was runs of min 20miles. The other thing to be aware of is the inner cills failing. These are covered by plastic trims so not easy to see the state of the inners. Good luck with finding the right car. Cheers Rod
  4. Hi David, I had the same model. I have just sold it with 140k on the clock. If the gearbox oil hasn`t been changed I would get this done. Never any problem with gearbox. Changed egr valve to prevent future problem. I changed the oil and filter every 7k miles and never any problem. Always use premium fuel. I used to do a lot of my driving out in the countryside, but if you do short trips I suggest you take it for blast up the motorway for about 15 mins at 50mph to clear the dpf filter every now and then. Other than these things they are a great car. I had to give up driving due to health issue and it had to go. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers Rod ( fellow Yorkshire man)
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