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  1. Thanks guys for the info. The one you said joe sounds like the dogs dangles! I don't have XP running on the laptop anymore. So might get a hand held one for the time being just to see if the coil packs or spark plugs are to blame for the rough running. Any recommendations for one I should go for? When I bought the car I serviced it with Castrol EDGE 5-30 oil that was recommended by the main dealer. But it's not A5/B5 spec. So I have just bought 20L of Motul 5-30 A5/B5 from the Opie oil boys for £82 delivered. Very high spec 100% synth with a great TBN number. I used a discount code of the
  2. I need some advice plz guys. I need to get a hand held code reader for my Jag. Does anyone have any recommendations for the 3.0L with an auto box? Cheers Tim
  3. I always say Jag now that I have one!😎 But always say GT4 when I take her out for a spin to👍
  4. Hi Peter, Russ and the Voice... Thanks guys for all the info. I never knew that the Rolls had a Buick engine! Or that the chassis was designed in Detroit. If Porsche had a hand in it! Then it must be a bit of a cracker. Maybe share the floor pan of the Town Car? I've just noticed today that there is a crack in the rubber seal on that I think might be a knock/Cam sensor? Its on the near side bank just b4 the last coil pack closest the bulk head! Although, I might be wrong to what it is tbh. 🤔 Cheers Tim
  5. Hi all... I've get my hands on a S-Type 3.0L auto SE on an "X" plate (2000 year?) with genuine 64k on the clock. I was wondering if anyone knows if it's a 5 or 6 speed box? I know it's a ZF unit so contacted the manufacturer! But they couldn't tell me. I was chatting to a guy at work this morning and he said it's NOT a "Real" jag as it has a Ford engine and gearbox on a Mondao chassis!!! Can anyone enlighten me to what it is plz? Cheers 😎👍
  6. Mine ticks over at about 750rpm when warm to. On start up it goes to about the 1500rpm and then after about 20 sec it goes down to around the 850rpm mark. My 3.0L SE auto is only doing 18.2mpg. And that's without the sports mode switched on! My drive is almost all around town! So is this about right??? just waiting now to change the plugs and the coil packs, maybe next week with the near side rocker cover and gasket as it's leaking... Sorry to hijack your post 🤓
  7. I've changed the engine oil and filter (MANN) on my 2000 (X reg) 3.0Ltr V6 SE auto using Castrol EDGE oil 5w-30 as recommend by the Jag main dealer! But I'm starting to wonder if this is the correct oil for the car!!! Can anyone give me some advise on this please as I don't want to mess up a 64k motor. Any help would be very much appreciated cheers
  8. Cheers guys for all your advise. I've spoken to that fella Russ at http://www.berkshirejagcomp.co.uk/ and he was very helpful indeed. I had also spoken to my local Jag main dealer about the coil packs! And even the trade price was higher than Berkshire deal and his are genuine Jag parts. So I know where I'll be getting them from next week. I'll also get the upper inlet gaskets at the same time. The spark plugs I've already bought are NGK - TR6AP-13E which I understand are platinum ones. Did you need any other parts when you did your plugs and coil packs? Cheers Tim
  9. Hi... I have a 3.0Ltr V6 auto S-Type jag on an "X" plate (2000 year) with 64k on the clock with a full Jag service history. Up until now it's been purrrrring on Shell V-Power Nitro + fuel and just used Archoil AR 6400 cleaner. I have been smelling oil burning coming into the cabin! And can see that the near side cam cover rocker cover gasket is leaking. It's now sounding like its Misfiring from the sound of the near side exhaust and the engine is "Rocking" a little from side to side and a lot of white smoke was chuffing out of both rear pipes. I drove the car the other day and t
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