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  1. I too had an x type 2.5 traded it for 3.0 S type 2003 , what a difference just love it.
  2. reg

    Reg Smith

    Thanks a lot Ron very helpful just hope my local garage are capable of doing it for me.
  3. Hi I would like to know the best place to buy a service kit for my 2003 S type gearbox please , thanks in anticipation
  4. Hi could you tell me who serviced your gearbox in Essex please?

    1. Drivingdad


      Hi I use a man called Steve who owns Kelvedon Service Centre.

  5. Just bought s type after 2 years of owning x type 69000 miles immaculate condition but slight lurch occasionally when coming to a stop 

  6. reg

    Reggie 16

    Hi Peter thanks for your help ,much appreciated
  7. reg

    Reggie 16

    Hi Peter thanks for quick response it is a 5inch leaper with a pin also maybe I can cut some double sided adhesive tape under it ?
  8. Have just had leaper delivered it has no washer or gasket to go betweens it and the bonnet ,can anyone tell me if I need to fit something to act as a seal please ,it is hopefully going on my x type if I am brave enough to start drilling .thanks
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