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  1. Maybe there are some nuts stuck somewhere? oh no hang on a minute surely that would be Kashew Kashew , Sorry couldn't resist
  2. Hi Pete,you'd best start waving vigorously as I live in North Wales, so here is an emoticon hand wave for you
  3. I live in Abergele which is in North Wales.
  4. I am starting this topic which proved really popular on the ST owners clubs website so we will see if it transfers here . The idea is to show and tell what you have done with your vehicle TODAY be it photos (we all love photos) of modifications or just great snaps of your pride and joy be it a new car or an one!!!. Ive already loaded photos in the gallery section but look forward to seeing members motors. So come on all lets get this thread going
  5. I agree with Jeffus, a professional detailer is very sound advise. I use a clay bar to remove surface dirt, which gives the very best ever glass like finish I have ever achieved. Top this off with a good quality canuba wax, I recommend Harley wax, its a fabulous product and unlike most wax/polishes it leaves no white dusty residue and leaves a mirror like finish. In on my 4th tin and the more layers that you apply the deeper the finish you get. Ive spent many happy hours in my man cave (double garage) using this type of product and usually end up feeling quite , but after doing all the hard work the result is .
  6. I mirror your sentiments, the performance of your car must be breath taking. Cosworth comparison whale tail too, I guess thats a love it or loath it item for some, I think she looks fabulous, especially the calipers in red
  7. A very nice individual looking beast you have there buddy, my car is the pearl grey listed after yours, welcome from Wales.
  8. No replies reference my question brighter sidelights?? Surely I have not stumped the club, this cannot be??? Decision made reference the mud flaps, all 4 including installation at a Jaguar main dealer £152.00, a no brainer, they are going on.
  9. Bromers


    My newest addition to the family.
  10. Hi Mike, Ive had two X-Types, a 2.5SE and a 3.0SE. Both were great cars my advice check the sills as this can be problem, enjoyed both of mine and regularly received comments on how nice they were too which is always nice, hope you enjoy yours, Steve.
  11. Yes its good to be back, here are some pictures of the new machine, I have ordered a set of the chrome strips for the side vents as I had these on my old 2.7 and thought they really stood out well. Still deliberating whether or not to bother putting mud flaps on again, they do make the car look as though its sits squatter on the road, the jury is still out on that one for now. The only other thing which I am contemplating is putting brighter sidelight bulbs in to use as daytime running lights, anyone have any thoughts on that???Cheers for now.
  12. Evening all, after an absence since last year ''Today I'' have rejoined the fold and have purchased an XF 3.0 S Premium Luxury. Its good to be back
  13. A person with absolutely no taste whatsoever that's why buddy!!!
  14. Hello fellow Jag friends, The off side wing mirror on my Jaguar X type has annoyingly been wobbling around like a jelly on a plate. Following on-line advise most of which says ''do not to even attempt to fix it'' in typical bloke manner I took this info on board and then duly chose to ignore it. Having thrown all caution to the wind its good news and after very gently prising at the mirror for an embarrassingly long period of time (2 days in total gradually getting more confident) I have successfully managed to remove the glass from the housing without breaking it yay!!, So far so good. It however looks like the metal housing bracket has failed. How do you now remove the bracket from the body work to replace the failed bracket? Many thanks Bromers