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  2. My 2003 4.2 litre does the same and I'm the original owner and have never had any problems due to the sound in 16 years.
  3. Welcome to the club, Terry. The Jaguar experience is quite unique. I have had two Jaguars, and x type and an s type and would not drive another brand of car. I also used to have a Triumph T100 in my younger days, which unfortunately completely died on what was then known as the Preston by pass. You will enjoy your Jaguar. Regards, Peter.
  4. Welcome to the Club, John. I have had 2 X-Types previously and both were great cars.
  5. Hi Steve, Personally, I think I'd take the 'safety' margin on the speed. It might be a radar gun one day and the 3mph (10%) buffer might be useful! Also, taller tyres, while possibly quieter, might soften your handling. Personally, I've always really liked the low profile look (my XF has 255/35x20s) And, what about wheel arch clearance on full lock? Unfortunately, not the sort of thing you can have a trial run with. Cheers, Jon
  6. Last week
  7. My beloved S Type started severe juddering between 1500 and 2000 revs when going up a slight incline. It feels like the gearbox wants to change down but doesn't quite make it or it cannot make up it's mind. I either have to kick down or drop a gear manually. I had the transmission fluid changed and was told that the old fluid was smelling burnt. The problem continued and I had the fluid changed again, in case there was any previous residue - but still no improvement. I'm no mechanic, but am wondering if there is any sensor, manual or electrical, that could be the problem? I am trying to avoid a gearbox strip down if there are any obvious causes that won't necessitate this. Any suggestions welcome.
  8. All four of my headlights have got water stains about halfway up the inside of the lens. It looks like the car has been through some deep water at some point before I bought it. Although the stains are not that bad, it is noticeable and I'd like to clean them up, if possible. Is there an easy way to clean the inside of the lens, or am I best leaving well alone? Cheers, Nick
  9. hi if your glove box light and switch are unplugged, the give the same effect of the valet switch operated cheers joe
  10. Ignition Key Removal Problem 2002 Type S 4.0 Automatic Trans US car 114,000 miles after shutting the car off via ignition key unable to remove the key?? If I allow the car to remain running for 5 min +/- with the automatic trans in the PARK position I am then able to remove the ignition key Battery test good Car runs good very few other minor problems motor is strong trans shifts great! Very little info on this problem? I am very mechanically inclined own a fair amount of automotive tools etc. Machinists, Welder, Fabricator. Please advise anyone
  11. Hi Dom, I agree - the later models are not as nice in my opinion. I don't think the trim is as good quality as the earlier models. Mine is 2.2d (200) Premium Luxury in midnight blue. Yes, I'd like an I-Pace, but they are going to have to be cheaper than £63 k for me to be interested !! Regards Ian
  12. Update* So I took it into the dealers, it turned out it was the wiring loom but not at the boot, it was the loom in the front bumper, it had moved and then proceeded to rub through a couple of wires. All fixed now, they did try to blame it on a pheasant strike (there were still feathers inside my grill lol) but I told them the strike was long after the camera issue started. I went the last 5 weeks without a reversing camera at all, now I find myself forgetting to look at the screen and just using the mirrors lol. Anyway, all sorted on warranty, so no cost to me. Dom
  13. Well after many attempts it seems to have now installed ok!! The Turkey map went on ok ( 38min ) and all the buttons appeared to work all be it for Turkish postcodes and addresses. I then did a long drive with the Europe map and it came up with the map update paused message several times whilst driving and then when it did finish nothing worked again. I attempted it again and it did the same whilst driving so I did it yet again but left the car ticking over for three hours until it said finished that time all was ok. I was a bit worried when all I could select was Turkish postcodes but with the UK map showing until I found it was still set for Turkey as the search country. This has to be the worst Sat Navigation system for updating the interface and ambiguous response messages or appalling.
  14. Hi Dave Had a similar problem with mine last year ,turned out it was the battery. Seems you need to keep a good voltage otherwise the electronics go haywire ! All the best Graham
  15. Great! I am thoroughly enjoying my drive to work with the new voice utility, and people are greatly perplexed when they realize I have an invisible speaking manservant in the car adjusting the cabin temperature at my command. Thanks again for great help:)
  16. Bit of a strange one. On my s type, electric windows work fine on all doors except when I turn the lights on. All passenger doors operate as normal but the drivers door switches go dead. Turn off lights and full function resumes. Any ideas
  17. I think perhaps there's still something still putting a drain on the system and could still be that mirror ????--- The automatic ---fold in --????? Frank
  18. Hi, Am a new member. My service plan is due for renewal however the new price quote £148 per month based on the fact that my 2013xf, 3.0 diesel is 6 years old. based on the average mileage being 100,000 plus mileage will require new timing belt, fuel pump belt and chain cover gaskets will be required next service (7). However the genuine mileage is 45,000 miles so feel that these components are not ready for change. Any advice much appreciated.
  19. Hi, First post, I've had an issue with my 2018 XE from new which Jaguar retailers and head office cannot seem to resolve. Everything works fine- stop/start even works currently but usually stops after a few months. Issue The key issue is a BEEP-BEEP on UNLOCK, there seems to be no pattern, suddenly the car will start doing it. It doesn't appear to be a battery issue - the battery link cable, housing the management box etc, has been replaced. It also started doing it again yesterday after a good long high speed 80 mile run. Same issue from new and now 12 months in I still can't get a fix. This video demonstrates the issue: Has anyone seen anything like this, offer any advice on how to resolve? Many thanks;
  20. casey


    Can anyone recommend a good Jag garage in the Bristol/North somerset area apart from Guy Salmon.
  21. Personally Martin, I would re-tap the rims larger, a decent set of new quality bolts to your taste (allen screws anyone ? ) and you're done, with a minor upgrade thrown in.😉
  22. Hi. If you need any help with insurance at all then please feel free to drop me a line. Regards, Dan.
  23. Just had a service and been told drips of coolant on under tray , but could not see leak. Just purchased what could it be and how do I know if it’s water pump please? Peter
  24. Hi Joe, Many thanks for clearing this point up - I actually feel better, now i know it wouldn't have helped in my situation !! Regards, Dominic
  25. So I took the car to an AT specialist who tells me that there is nothing wrong with the box, it's responding to an engine problem. Apparently the fuel pressure is low and sudden demands on power (rapid acceleration) can stall the engine (this happened to me twice but I mistook it for limp mode with an added twist ). He mentioned the gruff engine note and when I said that it started after the steering pump was replaced he surmised that something has not been put back properly, may even be the cause of my problems. He's not an engine man though so could only make suggestions. So I am going back to my regular mechanic to ask him to take a look concentrating on whatever he took off in order to replace the pump. We live in hope.
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