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  2. Got a mate in car trade looking for a spare for me reckons no trouble at all to get one anyway guys ... deal is done got all the discount am likely to get car is delivered on Tuesday looking forward but feel like it’s going to be a long weekend... mmm ... can’t think why
  3. If Catherine’s info is correct, it is a 98MY XK in which case it will be a key.😉
  4. Do you ever get any other warnings? Incorrect warnings are often caused by the battery being low.
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  6. Hello, Hope you can help me. I am a very proud owner of XF 3.0 V6 Diesel S Portfolio 2009 and for the last 7-8 months I have a "service required" displayed on the dash. Service indeed is overdue and was due is May but because of Covid it was difficult to get it organized. I have contacted my local Jaguar dealer and they informed or suggested a date in 3-4 weeks time, at the earliest and not guaranteed due to the backlog, so I'd like to get it done sooner together with an MOT which is due at the end of October. So, my question to the forum is, would you know or recommend any garages around Kingston Upon Thames area that I could contact and progress with the service and the MOT. It doesn't have to be a Jaguar authorized garage but I suppose it would help. Hope you can help. Tom
  8. I started to get judder from my front brakes too, replaced the pads they were Pagid and half worn, put new set of Mintex in and no more judder. Mine also passed the MOT with the judder.
  9. Probably the actuator, they seem to lose the power in the little electric motors that move the mechanism. Do you have the keyless entry type? Try clicking the fob button to lock the doors and then look at the door release lever locking lever on the inside of the rear n/s door to see if it has gone all the way in as it should when locking, if it is not going fully in I suspect the actuator to be failing. When mine started to fail it would not lock the door but could lock manually, when unlocking it worked fine for a while then started to fail doing that too. It might be worth checking the o/s door as well as both of mine failed quite close together. Hope this helps. Regards Martin.
  10. Hi everyone Just landed my first jaguar xf 3.0 s and wanted to say I absolutely love everything about it .its almost 10 years old with fsh and 50k on the clock.just spent ,£300 on new cam belt as it had never been done and the one removed was as good as the day it was put on .I'm told by my technician i really did get a deal when purchasing this quality motor .sorry to bore anyone but wanted to share my joy Jaguar forever
  11. Hi Ian It says in the handbook that it will reset after next start. I was just suggesting turning them off one at a time before locking / unlocking to see if it cured the "mislock" warning to identify which sensor may be at fault. Hope you get it sorted 🙂 Regards John
  12. Thanks to Steve and Joe, have made a note of those answers. Does the fault not show up connecting to a fault reader ? Alan.
  13. This just happened to me last week. I have since changed the fob battery but no change. Then I found out how to re-connect - or re-pair - the key to the car. Open the car with the other key With the door shut put the faulty key into the ignition Turn the key from position 1 to position 2 and back 4 times - you should hear a beep, such as when the lights are left on Take the key out of the ignition and press any button - you should hear the beep again Then try the buttons. It took a few presses but then it was working perfectly.
  14. You can get a DPF (and EGR) delete + remap for less than £500. I'm pretty sure they would weld up the existing crack for you as well.
  15. Thanks jimbov8. We have an Independent Jag garage a few miles away in Hull, Jagutech, I think I might pop in and pick their brains.
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  17. From a specification booklet these are what a standard Premium Luxury has over a standard Luxury: Jaguar Smart Key System with Keyless Entry - option on Luxury Heated Windscreen with Timer - option on Luxury Soft Grain Leather – not available Carpet Mat Set - option on Luxury Driver's & Passenger's Heated Seats - option on Luxury 60/40 Split Folding Rear Seats - option on Luxury Bright Finish Stainless Steel Pedals – not available Meridian Audio System 380w - option on Luxury From this it would seem that the easist way to tell if a car is a Luxury or a Premium Luxury are if the pedals are bright stainless steel finish
  18. Greg

    TPMS disable

    Today I went to Autoclinic-Telford, Unit 3, sovereign park, Halesfield 24, Telford TF4 7NZ Tel:01952 585555 They managed to turn off the warning message. It seems the NSF sensor was showing an error, I always maintained 2.5 bar in all wheels that's more than recommended. Manager suggested I fit a new sensor. Might fit one when tyre needs replacement or if error comes back Thanks to everyones help. For the time being afaic this thread is closed
  19. i have a 2007 xj6 2.7tdv.i I have now spent loads on it and still every now and then it plays up. cold or warm it runs rough. feels like only firing on 3 or 4 cylinders put your foot down and it stutters then exhilarates fine for a while. put new egr valves in still the same then had the inlet manifolds changed and still no joy. Injectors have been checked and are ok. no air leaks changed diesel filter still the same HELP PLEASE.
  20. Hi, As in my previous post i have just bought an S Type 2006 2.7d and intend to use it as my every day runner. I've had a look but cant see anything pinned for work/mods/maintenance worth doing? little tricks or tips? I have read about leaks and sealing the rear lights. just wondered if people have other suggestions? Thanks, Stu
  21. Good Morning Folks, New to the Forum and have been a Jaguar convert since January 2019 when I bought an amazing XF with the 2.7 engine. I had to get the water cooler for the gear box changed and since it has came out of the garage, I have had a vibration when it gets to certain speeds at at certain revs. The oil was changed in the gearbox and vibration oil was also added. The old oil was absolutely disgusting and the sump was replaced from a specialist replacement company Looking to see if anyone else has had this problem and what was the answer to get it fixed. The garage that did the oil change said they had a similar problem with another Landrover with the same engine and they just changed the oil. Thanks in advance, Davy T
  22. Did a 120 run from Gt Yarmouth and managed 45.7mpg. Quite happy with that from a twin turbo V6 3ltr.
  23. I am having difficulty understanding the basis on which some of the internet ad sites base their 'good price', 'fair price' and 'over-priced'. Look at two similar cars at roughly the same price and one gets a good price label and the other a bad price label. Then do a valuation on them and they give different figures!
  24. So... my Incontrol media centre can’t read the music library when I connect via Bluetooth... it can when I attached a lead and play via iPod.. I have tried with various phones with no luck, so I know it’s not a phone issue.. any ideas,
  25. You need an Audio Connectivity Module. That will fully integrate, RCA, USB and iPod into your audio system. This was the part supplied by Jaguar. I can't see any on fleabay at the moment but expect to pay approx £250. Installation takes roughly 45 minutes. I had one in my S Types. Best mod I ever did.
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