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  2. jestersmile

    S Type 2.7 Diesel alternator change

    Hi Peter , 2 EGR valves fitted woahh that sounds expensive , what was the quote and are you putting it in Indepentant garage or , Jag steeler. Cheers Mally
  3. Old Peter

    s-type electrical problem

    Welcome to the club, Gordon, Short answer, Yes. I sometimes get the same. Batteries usually last about five years, and if you do a lot short runs they will need charging about once a fortnight. It is surprising how much of the battery is used overnight when the car is sitting quietly n the garage or on the driveway. Regards, Peter.
  4. Old Peter

    Jaguar VIN decoder

    Hi Robert, and welcome to the club. It did for me, giving me a full record of the specification of the car, plus all factory fitted optional extras. Having said that it does appear that it has not worked for a quite a few members. A jaguar dealer should give you the same information. Regards, Peter.
  5. Old Peter

    Selling my S-type, low mileage, great spec

    That looks like new, Mike, and is a great deal for someone. Good luck, Peter.
  6. Last week
  7. Peter Barton

    Front proximity sensor.

    Does anyone know if it's possible to disable the alarm for front proximity sensors?
  8. simon coley

    xj6 2,8l

    having garage clear out. have cylinder head, cams. inlet manifold and carbs plus bag of trim bits. make me an offer
  9. Mrdexcars

    Door not unlocking

    Hi had the same problem on my xf brought four motors of aliexpress for seventeen pound bit of a fiddle to do but not impossible if you are handy with a screwdriver look on YouTube there is a guide on how to replace the motors took me about an hour hope this helps
  10. Ozzy

    2010 XF touch screen

    It could be indicative of a worn out battery. I had it a few times after doing several short journeys and I knew the battery was nearing the end of its life anyway so I stuck a new one in. The issue with the touch screen has not reoccurred since.
  11. Hi Terry, Exactly the same problem here does anyone have anymore information with reference to re-coding the car I have SDD and can do most things but the term recoding the car is very generic. Any specific modules I'm thinking kvm but not sure what particular candidates etc. Any help gratefully received! Steve
  12. Botch

    What's this?

    I have changed coil packs and spark plugs and found this, looks like a small explosion, doesn't seem to affect the running, it's just a bit weird. Hopefully pictures attached.
  13. Old Peter

    Catalytic converter

    That's good, David. There appears to be plenty of people who can supply catalytic converters, but you do need someone local who will give you a warranty after fitting, Regards, Peter.
  14. John Birchall

    'Service Required' Reset

    Hello Peter. Reset worked perfectly on the first go. Thanks once again. Regards John.
  15. I'm with you on this one Peter --Things are fitted on there for a reason ?? All the best Frank.
  16. bmcl6

    new member

    Feel your pain, Ray. Not the sort of thing you want over Christmas especially.
  17. Leo

    New member

    Welcome to the Club Danny, from not so far away! I am on my second Jaguar now: I loved my XF 3.0D S, and am totally smitten by my XK! I think that Jaguars tend to have this effect on their owners, and I hope and expect that you may find the same!
  18. Jaguar Owners Club

    New Member

    Hi Stephen....welcome to the Forum ...and the wonderful world of Jaguar !
  19. kenkar


    I have available a driveshaft/hub assembly from a 2005 S Type 2.7D n/s/r. No ABS sensor. There are two types of ABS sensor/ring so please see photos. £120.00 delivered to UK.
  20. bmcl6

    Winter Coming Soon!

    I have the same problem re my Garage it sits at right angles behind our house. The driveway is very narrow and you need to reverse it in as you would have no vision exiting straight onto the street reversing out. When reversing in you had to turn 90 deg to get into the garage also with not a lot of room for this manouvre. The last car I managed to get in was a Triumph Acclaim I had when we moved in here in 1983. Even then you had to fold the mirrors in and that only left 2 inches from the back of the mirrors to the walls on either side. Needless to say my cars since the Acclaim, Vauxhall Carleton, Jaguar X-Type (twice), Nissan X-Trail, Volvo XC90 and currently Jaguar FX have never enjoyed the luxury of being indoors. It is a large garage and only used for storage now.
  21. bmcl6

    Another new member

    Welcome to the Forum, John. Enjoy your new car I got my 2.2d XF six month ago and love it. (this is my third Jaguar, although not consecutively, I had two X-Types some time ago.
  22. bmcl6

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

    Welcome to the Forum, Steve. Nice looking car.
  23. John Hammond

    Slight issue in this cold weather. Whining propshaft?

    That's so helpful Stephen. I have the same issue and was concerned. Feeling much happier knowing it's not a unique problem. Best, John
  24. John Hammond

    Whining noise

    Hi. Not sure if this is a common problem. I have a 2005 Jaguar x type 3.0 sovereign. When travelling between 25-30 mph there is a whining noise coming from underneath the car. At all other speeds it is quiet. If it needs a new propshaft is this a job a specialist would be happy to undertake? Very best wishes to all. John
  25. Dom13

    DPF - how bad does it get

    Hi Tim, Me again, I should add, I have the 2.2 200BHP, I have done about 30'000 miles since Nov 2017 when i got it and never had any DPF issues at all. I use Shell V-Power and every 3 fills or so I add a bottle of Wynn's Gold treatment to the tank. Prevention is better than a cure and the cost of using a premium fuel and 2 bottles of snake oil a month is minimal when looking at refurbing or replacing a DPF. Dom
  26. Manniewinaename

    Transmission filter

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