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  2. I occasionally throw a bucket of soapy water over the XE or the STR, cleaning is not my thing anymore !
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  4. Hello Paul and welcome. I was also looking for a 2003-2008 XJ, then I found my 3.0 litre S type three weeks ago. It’s a beautiful car and I’m happy I own it, the three litre petrol engine is silky smooth. Of course, the 4.2 v8 will be another level. Whatever you end up with I’m sure you’ll love it, as I do mine. Good luck in your search. Alan.
  5. Hi I currently have th e red XF with 18" Helix 10 sp silver and grey metallic, was thinking of changing to black metal is wheels what do you think, not 100% sure whether to change or not.
  6. Dear all As a new member can I introduce my sylph My name is Paul Bicknell I originally come from Warwickshire and moved to the south cost in West Sussex 20 years ago Although I am a new member I have been associated with Classic cars for over 40 years I am formally an electronics engineer and worked for Lucas Aerospace and then moved to the automotive industry with Lucas automotive Unfortunately the past 15 years I have bean out of the automotive industry I am looking for a XJS 4 lt face lift and I could do with some technical help There seams to be a history with ingress of water from the front window screen Is there any advise you could give me also could you please direct me to a supplier of the widow seals as I believe the face lift is different to the previews model The other major problem appears to be the rain gully behind the A pillar finisher and causing rain ingress due to rust , Again could any one suggest a repair / fix as my car will not be garaged during the summer months Also looking for Service manual and Parts Manual in paper format Best Regards Paul
  7. On average 2 to 3 hours on mine, inside and out
  8. hi Apparently there straight forward to fit just need activating with Jaguar software SDD have a look here cheers Joe
  9. I have just changed to an XF Luxury 3 Litre auto saloon. (My previous X-type scrapped due to irreparable chassis corrosion) That model a, 1992 SE 3 litre auto had auto folding mirrors as standard and I assumed all Jaguars particularly later model years would also have this feature.. I would like to know if it is possible to retro fit this feature to an XF mechanically and with necessary software update. Would be grateful if anyone could help. John
  10. Hello everyone on this wet miserable Sunday. Not a Jaguar owner yet but looking at XJ's 2003 -2008. Decided on a 3.0 but information overload has got me looking at 4.0 models. I don't do a great deal of mileage, most of it is motorway or dual carriageway. Any advice/opinions would be appreciated. Seen a few on 20" alloys not really keen on those-look nice but I'm thinking they would affect the ride.
  11. You can get the Goodyear tyres from F1Autocentres. They are cheaper to buy on their website and then have them fitted at one of their centres (it's all included in the price).
  12. Hi Kevin, When my s type gets quite dirty [not often] I cheat a little bit and have it hand washed for a fiver round the corner. I then spend a couple of hours giving it a good wax and shine. Regards, Peter.
  13. Welcome to the Club, Stephan. Your X Type sounds like a very good car. I had a similar version on an 05 plate, with the only difference being that it was a manual gearbox. The All Wheel Drive makes it an exceptional road holder, although the term "nippy" does not go well with a Jaguar, it was described as so in a review. Just enjoy your Jaguar and the club. Regards, Peter.
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  15. Hi All, just buying my 1st Jaguar, probably not a classic but X type 06 plate 2.5 petrol Auto with 30k on clock,(1 previous owner), I'm sure I'll be dipping in from time to time hoping the more experienced of you can help and point me in the right direction.
  16. Hi Nick, Thanks for your recommendation - I will certainly check out this tyre it is on my shortlist from my own research - so you have confirmed it ! Kind regards, Dominic.
  17. hi I use genuine parts for most things, as they are better quality, but you could cut the middle man out by ordering quality after market parts, most of the suspension parts are made by Lenforder, so can be ordered on ebay stick with known makes like denso, ngk, bosch, these are also used by jaguar I get most parts from SNG Barratt, British car parts, Rimmer Bros, all these offer genuine parts and also aftermarket parts also buy car parts is very good for certain items cheers Joe
  18. hi wont be injectors, would be black smoke, and fuel would end up in the engine oil, would pass piston rings when engine off like I said, water would give white smoke and oil would give blue smoke if its smoking bad would expect you notice useage quite soon thanks Joe
  19. So, just spent the best part of 3 and a half hours cleaning the motor. Wifey thinks i’m weird, but I enjoy it. So was just wondering how long everyone else takes pampering their pride and joy.
  20. I personally use Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymetric 3 tyres. I find they wear very well and are not too expensive (locally, £107.00 each, which is pretty reasonable). I know some other owners like the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 but I have no experience with them.
  21. just seen your post, while researching a usb connectivity issue. I've had that happen a couple of times while driving along, touched the light and thought nothing more of it, but I have been having headlight issues. When I first bought the car 2011 XF-S (60), it had had a HD Led conversion which when I took it for an MOT had to be changed because the law changed last April. So I had the conversion ripped out and put 'night breakers' in but then every few months one of the bulbs would blow and thinking about it now when I changed the bulb I had the random interior light experience!! (Now running on the standard bulbs for around a month with no issues, think it might be a voltage/ampage thing). No idea if this makes any sense to anyone, but just thought i'd add my story.
  22. Hello im relatively new to the world of Jaguar parts and european Parts in general, i usually replace damagaed or failed components with factory oem parts on all cars i work on. But owning a 05 s type has proved to be a bit challenging in terms of finding oem parts, especially with some Miscellaneous parts like gaskets or ball joints costing a fortune or being impossible to find... so my question is, if/when i cannot find a oem jag parts (or can’t justify 10x the price of a part compared to aftermarket stuff) what brands out there have been proven to be of high quality ? ive come across reinz, eurospare, airtex , four seasons(my current a/c compressor) just to name a few. Thank you in advance if i dont get to the chance to say thanks!
  23. If the intercooler/upper intake manifold is leaking, then what would be the fix? Besides buying a new one? If its not coolant burning or oil, only other thing im thinking is it could be sticking fuel injectors p.s coolant level and oil level will take some more driving to monitor for a leak, as i just put the engine back together and topped off all fluids
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  25. Hi. If it's of any help we recommend these. Regards, Dan.
  26. hi all, cant seam to work out how to renew my licence for the live traffic delays? any ideas
  27. Hello, Extended family requirements force me to sell the best car I've ever driven - XFS V6 Supercharged (380PS). It includes almost every possible feature you could buy in 2016 - head-up display, active cruise control, extended infotainment system, soft door close, 360 degrees cameras, adaptive LED headlamps, heated seats / steering wheel etc. etc. - I've attached the full list and all the details as advertised when I bought it. Current odometer reading: ~23000 miles Expected price: £28500 - ONO Location: West London (Northfields), UK Car bought in March 2018 from the main dealer in London as "approved used", I'm the second owner. Fully serviced in March earlier this year at the same dealership, MOT till March 2020. Engine, transmission, all features - no issues. Car can be viewed on Monday or Tuesday next week (27th-28th of May) in London and I'm trading it in on Wednesday. I'm happy to answer any questions either via email or on my mobile - please drop me an email and I send you my mobile number: yellow.hamster82DELETE-THIS(at) (remove DELETE-THIS from the address)
  28. I had disassembled the 58's front suspension and was sandblasting it when I lost access to the sandblaster. Pity, as I was using it for free. I had also prepared the 58 engine bay and had it down to bare metal, which has since rusted. I can wire brush a portion of it to show you. I stopped because I started pulling apart the interior on the 58 and discovered rust in the front floorboards, so...I picked up the 57 after the 58 and was going to use that one as the builder, as it had nice paint. I planned to swap over the trans tunnel, disc brakes (which is why I bought the Mk2 hubs, as I read that those are the key to having steel wheels and disc brakes. Then I was told by a friend that the 58 would be the better one to build and to cut the pieces I need from the 57, since I had just had the engine rebuilt for the 58 and would match the body number. That was almost 2 years ago and that is when the project stalled.
  29. hi upper intake manifolds cant leak into engine intercoolers can, which could be proved by plugging off the two coolant pipes flow and return to the intercoolers from the radiator car will still run fine, but inlet temp would be higher, but would prove a point, or you could just pressure test each intercooler disconnect the two pipes to each intercooler, plug one pipe and put compressed air on each one, 1.2 bar should do it, as its the same as the pressure relief on the expansion tank, isolate the air, pressure should stay constant and not drop, if it drops then intercooler has failed, easy fix if its coolant though it should be using water, by the sound of it lots, if its oil burning will use oil, blue smoke oil and white smoke water cheers Joe
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