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Misfiring 2001 3.0 Auto

Reggie O

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Can anyone help please?

My 2001 S-Type was/is random misfiring, but I can make it worse by driving at prolonged speed above 60ish and sometimes EML will flash, if I slowed down flashing stopped.

So I had a Terraclean service, but there was no improvement with the misfiring

Then last week, driving at 80 caused EML to flash then stay on.


My ELM327 detected OBD Error codes as below


P0201 - Fuel injector 1/1 circuit malfunction

P0202 - Fuel injector 1/2 circuit malfunction

P0204 - Fuel injector 2/1 circuit malfunction

P0205 - Fuel injector 2/2 circuit malfunction

P0206 - Fuel injector 2/3 circuit malfunction

P0301 - Misfire detected – cylinder 1 (1/1)

P1132 Lack of HO2S Switch - Sensor Indicates Rich

Could these all have a common cause?

don’t know when/if the coils were replaced and was thinking of getting them done.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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