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Slosh and rattle and stays shut


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Really enjoy all things about owning & driving Jaguar.

My XF 3.0 D S Portfolio is my third after owning two trusty STypes previously.

However, my XF makes a sloshing noise from rear when braking and full of fuel. It has developed a rattle (near side of dash) I think it is air vent related. Fuel filler flap has on four occasions refused to open.

Still under warranty. Going in to dealer next week.

Anyone else had similar?

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Hi Graham.

Yep .. I had the exact same problem with the noise from the back, usually found with the tank half full or thereabouts.

The first XFS Portfolio developed this sound and after taking it to the dealer I was told that there was nothing that could be done.

I complained direct to Jaguar and after lengthly correspondence they told me that the noise was caused by fuel surge and was an "acceptable operating characteristic" of this model.................

After a year all of a sudden the dealer phoned me to say that Jaguar had produced a kit that could be fitted round the tank and that this would stop the noise coming from the rear

Kit was fitted and noise vanished.....................

Jaguar were playing games but it would seem that following my long battle with them others appeared to follow my lead and complain.

At the time I wrote this all up on the Forum.


Your dealer should know all about the kit.



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