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x type problem.new owner

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hi,been the owner of my first x type for 5 months now,a 2002 2.5 petrol ....no problems till this weekend....when I turn the engine off,theres a sound like a fan still running under the bonnet,which can last for around 5 minutes,the only way ive found to stop it is turn the engine on and off once or twice....bit worried as I use the car to commute daily...going to ring my local garage this morning and take it down ...passed m.o.t last week,no problems...any members know what the problem could be,thanks for any help,simon.

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Found this, don't know if it's of any help .


" If the fan is running after you shut the car OFF it means the temp.sensor thinks it's still to hot regardless what the gauge says, we need to know the coolant level first and foremost then Two things:


#1- if the coolant level is very low after you shut the motor off the super heated coolant rushes back to the radiator and upper block triggering the fan to run on until it's satisfied the sensor. and IF you have a weak battery it will kill it to the point it won't restart the car.


#2 your fan relay is already at battery
voltage it just needs to be told to turn on by a control circuit(a temp.sensor, module, etc..The module controls components by giving them a ground path to turn on.hence the shorted wire theory OR the fan relay is stuck shut (contacts welded shut). In the relay box under the bonnet pull and swap the relay with one from say the lights( don't put the original one in until you see if it helps) then turn on the ignition then off and see if the fans run.If the fans run on a COLD engine and you plug in the relay and it clicks it;s working AND being TOLD to turn on by 1. temp sensor,2.module,3.shorted or pinched wire.


Another test , with the fans running pull the fan relay, see if they stop to eliminate a alternate power source to them, (melted connector, etc.)If it was the thermostat open or stuck shut you would see that on the temp gauge or the heater would be a cold blast.A good scan tool will tell you module problems, engine actual temp. "





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thanks trevor....the jags now at the garage...there was no water in the coolent level,even though I filled it last week...mechanics put bonnet up and there was no water in at all.????....apparently theres a leak so theres water coming out somewhere....he let it cool down for a bit then I watched him put water in and the fans kicked into action..theyve put the car on the ramps to check where the leak is....just waiting for a call later to pick her up,fingers crossed....thanks for the info,cheers...

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