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  1. David, I actually bought the car in Nottingham , was just passing through Via Rutland on my way back down to Devon. Trevor
  2. Fine Peter thank you Hope all is ok with you . Would have stuck with Jag, but they are such a despicable company (and dealerships) . Friend of mine changed from them also, as well as his Jag not being very reliable . Have a Merc AMG GTS now
  3. Have had three Mercs in a row now after a Jag XJS Supersport and a XKR . Although I prefer the Mercs the cruise control on the Jags was far superior. In fact I have not even attempted to use the cruise control on the Merc The Jag' s was simplicity in itself
  4. Hello Peter and Trevor, Things are not too bad thank you, hope everything is ok with both of you. Will not be getting a other jag after the treatment I received from the dealership and the company themselves. I very much wanted to like them, but things didn't work out. I now have had two Mercedes AMG's on the trot and both have run superbly . I avoid dealerships altogether now. and always will do. I use and independent garage in Tiverton recommended by someone on this site (who's name I have forgotten) and they are really good. I have northerners living either side of me who keep telling me how great it is oop north, it's like living in little Manchester . They are ok though, the new neighbours are a tad arrogant, but friendly enough . The lady said to me " For price you paid for 't Mercedes you could have bought a Ferrari " I said " For the price i paid for the Mercedes I could have moved to a better area!" The wife is in much better health,but still as mad as a badger. unfortunately my eldest has now developed the same illness, and being a doctor treats herself with some very unpleasant results resulting in me having to take legal action My youngest has recently given birth to a boy in San Francisco who she has called Devon. He was born under the IVF system as her hubby has had cancer of the plums. He has since recovered and seems in good health. The rest of the family thought "IVF" stood for "Ilfracombe Voluntary Fund" which resulted in me paying for it (which I obviously don't begrudge one bit). Wishing each and everyone one of you the very best. ATB, Trevor
  5. Hi , Just a quick visit. hope all is well with you peeps . Cars i've owned. Ford Anglia Mini Cooper S Hillman Imp Fiat 125 Corvette Stingray (in Jo.burg South Africa) Ford Consul Ford Granada Vauxhall Astra SRI Ford Mondeo BMW 335 M Sport BMW M3 convertible Aston Martin DB9 volante Aston Martin D B 9 Le Mans edition Jaguar XJ Supersport Jaguar XKR Mercedes C63 AMG Mercedes SL 63 AMG (present car)
  6. Alan , we will, and i'm not on my own here am I ? Mercedes are superior in every single way. Diiferent class, simple as ! ATB, Trevor
  7. Alan, I'm afraid we will have to disagree. I got lied to by the Jaguar dealership, and customer service wasn't any better. I will never use then again , ATB, Trevor
  8. Alan, I'd take the Mercedes dealership over the Jag one every day of the week, and their customer service . ATB, Trevor
  9. Ron, They are all a bunch of thieves who just prey on peoples fear . ATB, Trevor
  10. Martin, Many years ago I used a Guinness label off a bottle, but got done for it. ATB, Trevor
  11. Frankie, It was a fab car, but the wife didn't like it, and it was too big for the Devon cart tracks, so I got shot of it (at great expense) , and bought a 2012 XKR which I have since sold after falling out with the Jaguar dealership and Jaguar customer relations department . ATB, Trevor
  12. Richard, I did find mine said that a tad too often, I must admit that. ATB, Trevor
  13. Peter, My sat nav seemed to know about road works, and even indicated them on the map . It also used to know about bad traffic and suggested alternative routes . Some peeps don't seem to get on with the Sat Nav ( they want to try the Aston (volvo) Martin one !). but I found it excellent. ATB, Trevor
  14. Andy, Firstly I would try an independent garage, as Jag dealerships charge an arm and a leg . Jag claimed I had a diff problem on my XKR , which was less than two years old, it was the electronic control box that was at fault . Jag couldn't get the part for a month as it was made in Germany . To cut a long story short, I got shot of it . ATB, Trevor
  15. Marcus, There is nothing quite as satisfying as the burble from a V8 as you're driving slowly through a town. ATB, Trevor