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  1. David, I actually bought the car in Nottingham , was just passing through Via Rutland on my way back down to Devon. Trevor
  2. Fine Peter thank you Hope all is ok with you . Would have stuck with Jag, but they are such a despicable company (and dealerships) . Friend of mine changed from them also, as well as his Jag not being very reliable . Have a Merc AMG GTS now
  3. Have had three Mercs in a row now after a Jag XJS Supersport and a XKR . Although I prefer the Mercs the cruise control on the Jags was far superior. In fact I have not even attempted to use the cruise control on the Merc The Jag' s was simplicity in itself
  4. Hello Peter and Trevor, Things are not too bad thank you, hope everything is ok with both of you. Will not be getting a other jag after the treatment I received from the dealership and the company themselves. I very much wanted to like them, but things didn't work out. I now have had two Mercedes AMG's on the trot and both have run superbly . I avoid dealerships altogether now. and always will do. I use and independent garage in Tiverton recommended by someone on this site (who's name I have forgotten) and they are really good. I have nor
  5. Hi , Just a quick visit. hope all is well with you peeps . Cars i've owned. Ford Anglia Mini Cooper S Hillman Imp Fiat 125 Corvette Stingray (in Jo.burg South Africa) Ford Consul Ford Granada Vauxhall Astra SRI Ford Mondeo BMW 335 M Sport BMW M3 convertible Aston Martin DB9 volante Aston Martin D B 9 Le Mans edition Jaguar XJ Supersport Jaguar XKR Mercedes C63 AMG Mercedes SL 63 AMG (present car)
  6. Alan , we will, and i'm not on my own here am I ? Mercedes are superior in every single way. Diiferent class, simple as ! ATB, Trevor
  7. Alan, I'm afraid we will have to disagree. I got lied to by the Jaguar dealership, and customer service wasn't any better. I will never use then again , ATB, Trevor
  8. Alan, I'd take the Mercedes dealership over the Jag one every day of the week, and their customer service . ATB, Trevor
  9. Ron, They are all a bunch of thieves who just prey on peoples fear . ATB, Trevor
  10. Martin, Many years ago I used a Guinness label off a bottle, but got done for it. ATB, Trevor
  11. Frankie, It was a fab car, but the wife didn't like it, and it was too big for the Devon cart tracks, so I got shot of it (at great expense) , and bought a 2012 XKR which I have since sold after falling out with the Jaguar dealership and Jaguar customer relations department . ATB, Trevor
  12. Richard, I did find mine said that a tad too often, I must admit that. ATB, Trevor
  13. Peter, My sat nav seemed to know about road works, and even indicated them on the map . It also used to know about bad traffic and suggested alternative routes . Some peeps don't seem to get on with the Sat Nav ( they want to try the Aston (volvo) Martin one !). but I found it excellent. ATB, Trevor
  14. Andy, Firstly I would try an independent garage, as Jag dealerships charge an arm and a leg . Jag claimed I had a diff problem on my XKR , which was less than two years old, it was the electronic control box that was at fault . Jag couldn't get the part for a month as it was made in Germany . To cut a long story short, I got shot of it . ATB, Trevor
  15. Marcus, There is nothing quite as satisfying as the burble from a V8 as you're driving slowly through a town. ATB, Trevor
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