Uploading CDs on a XF

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My 2011 XF 2.2 PL is able to store 10 CDs on its hard drive but it takes about 20 minutes to upload each CD which means the engine has to be running all that time otherwise the radio shuts off after a few minutes.

Is this normal?

I have over 90 CDs on a flash drive but only seem to be able to access much less than that. Is there a limit to the number the system can access? And can they be sorted alphabetically?

That's three questions from a newby!

Thanks for reading; hopefully someone will know the answers.

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 most cars with the key off should still be able to use the radio by turning the radio on but it will only come on for one hour


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I have a 128gb flash drive filled with music ,both my XJ Supersport and XKR accessed all the music with no problem. They could be played alphabetically or random .


Both systems shut down like yours after about ten minutes, I think this is to safeguard the battery so the car will start, but pretty irritating all the same I must admit .





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