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hi all, ok have a xf 2010. firstly anywon know how to find out what modal i have, repaced my brake pads back was fine, front didnt fit, so got machanic to sort out, he to got the wrong ones, i dont know if i have the 2007 to 2010 or 2010 to 2013, seems there ware changes in 2010, any light on this please for future parts.


upgrades, mine hasent got folding mirrors, anyone done it, i realy would like to have them

can i put the new headlights in mine ie daytime led ones. newer type, what about hids

what about chips, was thinking of buying one, what one.


im new hear, please be kind


please email me

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firstly DO NOT attempt any performance upgrades they can't handle what they already have...

wait for your Intercooler to let go then just sit back and wait for the inlet manifold to burst its fantastic owning a car that should never have been let out of the design stage

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