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No bluetooth or ACM Module unit connection


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Battery was disconnected on old boy for a while and seems like has caused some errors on the audio system.

The radio/CD/sat nav (Denso) are working fine as is the remote control on steering wheel.

However I cannot activate the CDC function or connect USB to the ACM module that is located in the centre armrest.

Also no bluetooth is showing; it just says No Phone is Fitted".

I have tried to activate the system using the "secret" diagnostic menu - Hold Phone & Menu together for 5 seconds and when asked for a diag pin enter 1971. Although I would not mess with the software updates etc as things could go wrong!!

Im going to check the fibre optic connections to the ACM tomorrow which are located under the gear lever gaiter console.

Doe anyone know where the bluetooth module is located?

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Yes. There is the antenna end which is stuck inside the armrest on a velcro strap, (I think this is the BTUM unit? Whatever it is called it`s a pain in the backside to get at!!). Which is where you take the ashtray out, screws, pop out the gear gaiter, pop off the carpet trims on either side and take out more screws (Torx screws allover the place), also inside the cubby box there is a rubber mat that you pull out and find MORE screws.. Eventually you can lift up the armrest and reach under the cubby box and feel in under there, the antenna/BTUM unit is black plastic. The silver module further to the front of the armrest is the airbag module don`t mess with that...


The actual bluetooth `module` is located in the rear boot, around the area where the cd changer and sat nav disc unit are.


Try disconnecting both and leaving them for a few hours, then reconnect everything back up and see if it helps. If not either one may need replacing.. Or there is a fault with the wiring inbetween.. I am currently trying to fix mine also! I have disconnected the antenna end, but not the module in the boot yet.


Let me know how you get on and I will let you know if I have any success!

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