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Estate Jack Location


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Well I have searched here and the internet. I have learnt the the jack location is awkward and a crazy idea. But i dont know how to store it. can anyone help?


At the moment its in the foam tray under the boot floor, i know it goes under the spare wheel (space saver), but i dont know which way round or how the brace attaches to it. Ive spotted 2 marks on the jack that seems to show how far to open it so it fits under the spare. The screw for securing it was just laying under the spare so i dont know which of the 2 holes thats supposed to go in either.


May not seem important but I like it to be right and not bounce around on bumps. does anyone have a picture of it in place?


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the jack lays flat on the floor with the base of the jack

 to the left side of the boot the jack is partly

open and in the centre of the jack is a hole in witch the

bar with the head goes through so its through the wheel through the jack

screw to floor



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Excellent! Thanks Trevor(s),

I'll add it to my list of jobs to do in the morning. Ive been outside trying to replace the ineffective headlamp bulbs (Grrr) and its too cold to be out there for something so minor.

So tomorrow's Jag list is... Swap headlamp bulbs, sort jack, swap CD player. I think the CD player may have to wait.

Thanks again, Jim

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