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Confusing Battery Issue


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Had a bit of an odd issue today; I thought I needed a new battery but it appears not.


My Wife wanted to go out in the car a couple of days ago but it wouldn't start. The remote locking didn't work, the ignition didn't come on and there was no power to any interior items. I assumed the battery had died; it's a 98K 2004 car with its original battery.


I used some jump leads this afternoon, got it going and took it down to Halfords. The guy at Halfords tested the battery and said it was fine. In fact he said that there was more charge in it than could be present with a 15 minute run from a state of complete discharge. He suggested there could be an electrical issue and to keep an eye on it.


This seems to suggest that something prevented the battery (with charge in it) delivering its power to the vehicle.

But a jump start worked.


I'm confused. Any ideas?

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Sure.  You have a bad connection on your battery lead. ;)  Id check the earth first.  Even if it looks secure id remove.  Clean it and replace.   If the Earth is loose you will get those symptoms.


On my other car I had a bad earth.  Talk about bizarre. For no reason at all the car would be simply 'dead' when I got into it. No ignition , nothing.  Then I slammed the door shut.... bingo... everything worked. 


I had bought a brand new battery about a month before.   So I never suspected the battery.  Turned out the garage had not tightened the nut up enough when he fitted the battery and it had come off.  It looked ok when I looked at it.   New nut and bolt on the terminal no problems since.

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