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  1. Hi Graham. These cars are prone to rust in all sorts of odd places. The best advice I can give you is take a XK8/R owner with you or at least show them the advert. We can often spot things wrong before you do with "I want one eyes". Any in the Worcestershire, Glos or Hereford areas Id be happy to take a look for you. If you pop onto my topic and have a browse it will give you some ideas of what to look for. Any questions do not hesitate to contact me on "Franks Story" as I do not come on here very often. Here you go........... click me to read................ May take you a few days to read all of it!!
  2. The background on your profile pic looks familiar where was it taken? Just curious. Thanks.
  3. X100 Boot opening button badge?
  4. I do wear a cap and a hat 🙂 Keeps my head warm in winter and protects it during the hot summer. Goes with the territory of owning a convertible. Not got a whippet though as I do not allow dogs in the car. Love the way you can click the picture to get a bigger one. 😄
  5. Andrew me fussy? Just OCD, 😉 Why not join the other forum? Takes seconds then you can PM him? If you prefer I could give you my email address. Send me your phone email etc and I will pass on your details to Nevile.
  6. If you go onto any decent battery sellers website they will help you select the right battery for your car. *Franks tip" measure your battery before you look online. A lot of batteries are compatible with your car but its helpful if you find a battery the right length, width and depth. Also look on Auto Express Product reviews. They are excellent at sorting out the best products. You will have to Google Auto Express Product Reviews Batteries.
  7. You have the right idea going for the XKR. It has the most options, not to mention the speed aspect. When I first looked I did not want an XKR. But I am SO glad I went for the option. When you get used to driving these cars its fun sometimes to treat yourself to a bit of short speed. Its as controlled as an XK8 so dont worry about putting your foot on the accelerator and smashing into the car in front. My friend Neville, aka Stagnight, has a XKR for sale. I know he looks after his cars. Drop him a line and tell him FrankC pointed you in his direction. I may even get a free pint out of him next time we meet up. He is on another Jag Forum. Take a look at his thread. You can contact him through the forum. click me to jump to his postings
  8. Nope. Something so simple, and in a way daft, I dont think I would ever have thought of it but you had the right idea. I thought along the same lines but could not solve it. I used a piggyback to link into the cars power system. I did it onto a fuse in the box between the door frame and the door itself. Have a read Click me to read After trying everything I could think of and using up 9 fuses I was told to look into the cigar lighter. I looked. A 5p coin had dropped in there, I had previously removed the lighter itself, and was resting in the bottom. The coin was shorting out and blowing the fuse. Who would think of looking in there!
  9. Thanks for the compliments Trevor. I am no Jaguar 'expert' but if you work long enough on anything you come across loads of problems even if you do not look for them. I would be happy enough to try and answer as many questions as anyone would like to throw at me, not promising to know the answers but (touch wood) but only been stumped once. My dashcam, fitted and hardwired in by myself kept blowing a fuse. 9 fuses later I still had not worked out what it was. Eventually found the answer though helped out by a fellow Jag enthusiast. So that is a riddle for you what would keep blowing my dashcam fuse? Had been working fine for two years.......... I know a couple of local people who are members obviously have a Jag, but do not have a X100. Anyway I must get on. This cup of tea is not going to drink itself. 😉 FrankC P.S So what kept blowing the fuse? 🎆
  10. Sure do. Have a read Just trying to help others that may currently and in the future find a solution. Nothing much sees to happen on this forum.
  11. How old is your battery. A battery on its way out can give you all sorts of weird and confusing symptoms. Yes I know you have probably sorted it by now but did you fix it?
  12. Ebay breakers. Jagslags on there is an owner and a breaker.
  13. Had a member of JOC at the Much Marcle JEC meeting this week. His appearance prompted me back onto this forum. I see what is sadly lacking are answers! So to rectify this I am going through all the posts one by one and answering the questions if I can. OK some of the questions are very old but someone now or in the future may have the same problem, or perhaps the original posters still have the problem! If you want to take a look at what I have done to my Jag feel free to have a look at this click me , make sure you have a couple of days spare to read it all though. Feel free to quote my past postings and comment, question etc. Right must get back to answering some more questions. 😎 P.S Why do we have to click "Edit Topic" to post? Sounds very counter intuitive.
  14. If you look on Ebay take a look for xk8/r scrappers. A seller called JagSlags owns and breaks many XK8/R's. Tell him FrankC directed you to him.
  15. Battery. When you remove the old battery leave it overnight and the lights should reset. If they dont you can buy a OBDC reading on Ebay cheaply and reset them with that.
  16. Tends to be the earth on the circuit board. 🙂
  17. Nope no updates sorry. I have the Alpine Sound System in my car and very happy to report that my car does not have Sat Nav. It has the three dials instead.
  18. Why not just remove the card from your phone and try it?
  19. I am from near Malvern in Worcestershire

  20. Good luck with your car hunt. If I may id like to pass on a bit of advise I give to all those who want to buy these cars. Join several forums, nothing wrong with this one but just widen your options. When you find a car you like take someone who already owns one with you. Hence the suggestion of many forums. There is bound to be someone near you. They would be more than likely to look at your possible new purchase with objective eyes rather than what I call "I want one!" eyes.
  21. Four posts and not one reply............. not looking good.
  22. I can see what he is saying. If it were me id drain all the water from the engine again. Loosen and remove one end of the lowest hose, and dont forget to remove the radiator cap :) Dont forget to open the heater controls. Tighten everything back up again. Keep the heater controls open on full heat. Slowly fill the car back up with water. Occasionally squeezing all the hoses to get rid of the air. When its full leave the cap off and run the engine. Squeeze all the hoses again to get rid of the air. Watch your fingers those moving parts can hurt. Top up. Put the cap back on. As it pressurises loosen the bleed screw to get rid of and air remaining. You may find the water level may suddenly drop a little as the car gets hotter. That just means the thermostat has opened and allowed full circulation. You may have to top up and bleed a few times before you get rid of all the air pockets. If its possible try to get the front of the car higher than the back. Bubbles always like to rise. Good luck. You will let us know how you got on wont you??
  23. Thanks Peter, started already. :)
  24. Id honestly check what they are actually going to do before you book it in. It may state Major service but some, well most, times their idea of a major service is different to yours. I have done a lot of research on the subject lately and most "major" services mean just a look around your car and an oil change basically. You would be better off with an MOT and an independent oil and filter change from a good garage. At the average cost of between £200-£300+ id want more for my money. Of course if you can prove me wrong please feel free. I certainly wont be offended. :)