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XF differential problem


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Morning gents and ladies new to the site hoping someone can help me out with some advice.

08 XF 2.7 diesel

Jaguar have told me I have a drive shaft diff seal leaking and play in the bearing, the parts aren't made any more so need a new differential at a cost of nearly £3500!!!!!!!!!


Has anyone on here had this sort of problem before and have you been able to over come it, I've been thinking about getting a second hand diff, will the diff off a newer model fit?


Again any help would be appreciated.

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Firstly I would try an independent garage, as Jag dealerships charge an arm and a leg .


Jag claimed I had a diff problem on my XKR , which was less than two years old, it was the electronic control box that was at fault .


Jag couldn't get the part for a month as it was made in Germany .


To cut a long story short, I got shot of it .





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Hi I have a 208 XF with the same problem ..the NS or passenger output shaft seal leaks. It has had a total of 5 new seals over the last 6 years with regular topping up and still leaks. I have tried jag seals and pattern seals as well as sealing the Oil sea in the diff housing but still it leaks.

I love the car but I am now considering getting rid of it. There must be a way o overcoming this


Please help .

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op1 gents best advice if its persistent would be to get one off downer car they are around £200 - 300 if you look get one from same year.  trade parts .com etc 

the Oil should be then changed - 30,000 mile and you should be ok. go to independent jag garage labour 3hr approx to change. Oil cost £30-40  

that's it should be sorted. fix it ,keep it, if you like it 


op 2 put your diff in to engineering workshop with new baring seal kit and have it refurbished. may be difficult to find one near you ask local mechanic they should point you to someone that can do gearboxes etc 

all in should cost approx. £500 fitted or do it yourself for 230 ish 

I'm a diy mechanic not pro and sorted mine as op1 


hope this helps and apparently its not common issue so just unlucky or the Oil has been neglected to be changed. 

check youtube for videos if you plan to change the oil etc

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I had the same problem some years back. The new Jaguar diff is slightly different and required the replacement of so many parts the cost was about 3.5k and that was 5-6 years ago.

I got a used diff from a breakers ~300 and a garage charged me 150 to fit it.

At the time there were lots of people with noisy diffs and it seemed common on 120k mileage XFs of that year

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