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On my previous car, a 2002 3.0 litre sport auto I would always be getting this code sporadically. I would do a code reset and it would be fine again for several hundred miles. During the time of my ownership it went through 3 MOT's and sailed through the emissions test every time. I would regularly (every 3-4 months) add Cataclean to the tank which maybe helped possibly, but the code would still come back. 


I spoke to my local Jaguar independent who said that in all probability the forward catalyst was to blame and after 125k miles would need replacing at some stage. It's a job that I never got round to as the gearbox failed and I decided to break the car. However the catalytic converters live on in a friends car- when removed both catalysts were found to be in fine condition and infinitely better than those on my mate's car, so they were reused.


I don't think that if you're only getting that code I would panic too much, if it starts other related codes then maybe it's time to investigate further.


Hope this helps.

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