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Cruise problem

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I have a cruise problem.

Car is a 2006 2.7d manual.

This is is what's wrong.....

get to 70mph then press the + on steering wheel, info display in speedo says "over limit 76mph" and a warning bong starts and next to the cruise Amber light there's another one that is like a speedo with a section covered and ASL in it which starts to flash.

Theres nothing in gin the book about it and it doesn't illuminate when the ignition is turned on.

When end this is happening I can, with the +&- buttons alter the speed shown in the display but not the cars speed.

I phoned rybrook jaguar service dept in chester but I think I got put through to the office cat cos he didn't know anything and could only say bring it in for some £80 an hour digging about!!

Had my AA mate put it on his diagnostic machine and no faults were present.

It all started last week when, during driving in heavy rain we stopped at a shop and briefly I got the park brake fault in the display but when I pulled the switch on and off it cleared and hasn't been back on.

Anyone any ideas as to what is the only blott on an otherwise perfect car???

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