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  1. Any ideas what this socket is for under the armrest cubby box??
  2. I'm with A-Plan, have been for the last 5 years insuring an mgf, T reg s type and now my current S type. last year I paid £299 comp with a £250 excess and with full ncb and an sp30. this year my renewal was for £330. Rang them explaining that I'd had a quote for £252 with a £100 excess and protected ncb and legal cover. They said the best they could do was £266 with a £150 excess and protected ncb. not worth the hassle of changing for a few quid.
  3. My sway bar problem showed up on the mot last year. i knew something was wrong as it had the symptoms you described but as it was the O/Side one it was more pronounced when turning right on a sweeping bend. On the mot it was a check of the side to side wheel movement that found it. A pair of bars for about £35 each off eBay sorted it out. Also, tyre pressures upped stopped any wayward movement too as I carry a mobility scooter in the boot more often than not.
  4. Check the rear sway bars. I had that problem last year and it turned out to be a worn sway bar. new ones and a 4 way tracking check sorted it.
  6. First of all, make sure you have your radio code to hand then disconnect the battery and go have a cuppa for 1/2 an hour. Feel behind the wheel and you should find the holes that house the bolts holding the airbag on. undo these, their most likely torx headed bolts. onclip the airbag wire and any wires that need unclipping. Undo the nut holding the wheel on but leave it on a few turns. (Don't take it off completely then yank on the wheel or you'll get a face full of wheel and it hurts!! Trust me, I know!) with your palms strike hard from the back of the wheel until it comes loose. now you can remove the nut and the wheel. the new one from a later facelift will fit, even an early XF wheel will fit although I think the wiring may be different, not sure on that. Refitment is the reverse of the above. Good luck.
  7. The pre heater only works if the outside temperature is below 5* and the climate is switched on.
  8. They all do that. Pull the fuse out in the under bonnet fuse box, think it's number 4, which will stop it. Ive not used mine for at least 2 1/2 years. Had the same webasto unit in a merc sprinter I had a few years ago and that smoked it's head off too. was told it needed a service kit to sort out. Pulling the fuse is cheaper.
  9. Id check and recharge/replace your battery first if it's been stood a while. Oh, and diesels are turbocharged not supercharged.
  10. +1 on the regen cycle smell. Sometimes mine stinks after a run and, with my pipes on, I can hear when its regenerating.
  11. Nuts?? Dont talk to me about nuts!!! This plus this led to this which was resolved by forced removal of the lockers four nuts from the scrappy later, normal service was resumed
  12. My money would be on the dccv which controls the heat/cold distribution in the cabin, they are prone to failing and changing isn't a hard job, just fiddly. Part should be around £100 or so. Aircon not working will most likely be the pipe that runs from the condenser, along the chassis rail in the left side/drivers side of the engine bay right next to the exhaust manifold, to the reviewer behind the dash. I had a 99 T reg car and it went there. part is an eye watering £350+vat from jaguar, don't try a s/hand part as I found out they all go there. For the facelift cars they routed the pipes over the right hand side of the engine bay because of this failure.
  13. Oh. I toyed with the idea of G8 STJ last year as GB S Type Jaguar.
  14. http://www.jagrepair.com/images/TSB/TSB2/XJ_XK/501Body/501-53 Water Entry Into Vehicle.pdf
  15. Seen a bit of the sheriffs are coming on bbc1 last night where they went to a company called extreme jaguar chasing a debt and when the camera was panning round it stopped on a plate on the wall. J499UAR. Pretty penny for that!!
  16. As you have to pull the epb to activate it I think your fine in that respect. However. as a fellow dog owner for many years I cannot emphasis the importance of getting the correct harness and seatbelt attachment and training in place BEFORE taking the puppy out in the car, especially as you say it was unsettled in the car Afterall, you wouldn't take your children/grandchildren out without making sure they are properly strapped in Ours have harnesses and due to patient training are no bother in the car.
  17. A warning to be careful about drink driving as we are getting close to Christmas and Plod are out there checking on people. Last night I was out for a few drinks. One thing led to another and I had a few too many pints and then went onto the whisky. Not a good idea Knowing I was over the limit, I decided to leave my car at the pub and took a taxi home. Sure enough, I passed a police checkpoint at the top of the road where they were pulling over cars and performing breathalyser tests. Because I was in a taxi they just waved it past. I arrived home safely and without incident, which was a real surprise as I've never driven a taxi before and I am not even sure where I got it from...
  18. Just studied side by side pictures of my old 99 S and my current 06 S and I can't make my mind up whether there's loads of differences or not. Have a look.
  19. iirc the grille is a slightly different shape so, although the bonnet will fit the grille won't.
  20. welcome. what a first post!! Could you pop a pic up of the area for us to see?
  21. With a power washer water will get past most seals so it shouldn't be anything to worry about.
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