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Airbag light


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Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, I've not long had the radiator changed in my Jag, but since I've had it back, the airbag light flashes on start up, then stays on. I suspect it's something simple such as a plug not pushed together properly. Has anyone had anything similar? Doesn't concern me so much, but the Mrs is a bit paranoid and it's unlikely to go through an MOT as it is.


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Hi Josh,

you may have had this fixed but i had the same problem on a previous s-type i had.

The amount of times it flashes helps to diagnose what it could be.

Hopefully its a loose connection,mine wasn't and i had to connect mine to my laptop to the car and reset the faulty light via the Jaguar software,as something had caused the module to malfunction.


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