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  1. Hi, i have the same diagnostic reader and when i had the same as yourself the reader told me which cylinder the coil pack had failed on.
  2. It could be a number of things but the favourite is the dcc valve. Maybe the best way is to plug in a diagnostic kit to see what codes are displayed. I had recently had a similar problem,i changed the dcc valve,regassed the aircon,changed the display,but now have a P1462 fault. Open circuit which i have as yet not been able to fix. If you can invest in a diagnostic reader as i have found in the long run can save money when other faults rear their head.
  3. Hi Pete, just to let you know i am unable to make Sunday. Have a great day. Graham
  4. Hi Peter, i would like to come and are aware of the meet up. My other half is away on business at the moment so the next time we talk i will mention it. I will confirm either way as soon as i can. Regards Graham
  5. Hi Joe, thanks for the reply. I had tried to edit my post and delete because i had posted up the incorrect code.My apologies. The fault code is P1462=Air con pressure sensor circuit low input. Thanks Graham
  6. Hi everyone, having gone through the diagnosis and replacement of the DCC Valve and the air con panel i am now getting the fault code P1642 = Air Con Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Input. Would anyone know the proccess to locate the fault? I am also getting J1850 which i think maybe its coming up because of the P1642. Any help would be most grateful. Thank You, Graham
  7. Hi Paul,

    many thanks for that look forward to recieving it.

    Kind Regards


  8. Nice car Paul,lovely colour. Graham
  9. I also bought this one great idea to plug into obd port. Thanks Graham
  10. Hi Martin, i bought an icarsoft diagnostic tool which has proved a great money saver in terms of identifying faults so i havn't had to buy parts i didn't need. I had a misfire on my V8 and plugged it in and it identified a coil pack failure on cylinder 1. I have also used it to check any historic logged codes. Just had the ABS light come on and the tool has identified left rear speed sensor. Enjoy the car. Graham
  11. Hi,having had experience with the 'tabman.ex' when trying to use the mongoose some years ago the problem turned out to be lack of RAM on the device. Maybe if you install a higher RAM it may well cure the problem you have. Good Luck. Graham
  12. I have just replaced the rear shocks and suspension bushes on mine Mark when the same test at the indy i used confirmed rear shock on drivers side was shot and causing the squeak. Graham
  13. Thanks for posting very useful,but i have the earlier S Type which i think does not have the 'radio fix'. Is there a procedure for resetting the earlier radio? Thanks again for posting the info. Kind Regards Graham