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A couple of years ago I traded in my 56 reg X150 4.2 coupe for a new 13 reg BMW 335i M Sport convertible. I was always disappointed with the BMW as it was not what I was hoping it would be, and it had no 'soul'. 


I have just sold the BMW and I am running about in a 64 reg Corsa 1.2 Limited Edition, which I intend to keep as my daily drive.


I am seriously thinking about buying an X100 06 reg XKR 4.2S (£16000ish) as I fancy returning to Jaguar - but I feel that the X150 is too fragile, i.e. prone to electrical problems, corrosion and some of the interior was a bit too flimsy. The question is will I be disappointed, i.e. do these late X100's suffer from the same electrical gremlins as the early X150's like flattening the battery for no apparent reason (my X150 spent a lot of time at the main dealers and they ended up randomly replacing parts !).


As a slight aside is the X100 sat nav disc upgradeable ?

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