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N/S/R caliper piston not fully rewinding


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Hi All

Decided to replace all discs and pads along with a bleed. Fronts were easy as pie, the rear offside was ok apart from shearing the rod that holds a rubber grommet on the lower caliper bolt.

The last disc and pads are on the rear nearside now but the problem occurs when I try to re-seat the caliper and bolt it back up. I'm using a halford rewind tool and turning anticlockwise, the piston goes in so far then gets to a point where it only turns as opposed to turning and pushing back.

am wondering if there is corrosion on the piston itself or maybe to much pressure in the system. Will try again now while cracking the bleed nipple to see if I can reduce pressure.

Will keep you updated on progress.


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Never been a lover of these fancy calliper rewind tools. Never had a problem with my trusty G clamp pushing the piston back. Make sure the brake fluid cap is off a lot forget to do this

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;)  cap was off, i made that mistake before and created a bit of a mess.  All the other pistons were fine rewinding apart from this one, time for a new caliper i think as i couldn't get it back in even with brute force.  I've read the other ones fail more and the handbrake mech seizes up too.


Apart from that the brakes are much better now, cheers kenny

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If it's any consolation my 03 X-Type has also needed both rear calipers replaced for its MOT last month as they were pretty much seized up apparently.... I had no handbrake because of it. Yeah, should have realised, but I don't really use the handbrake, just Park with it being an auto.


Mechanic advised just to put the handbrake on once a week to keep things supple.


Hope you got yours sorted :)

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