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X-Type 2.0/2.2 High Mileage - Any Advice on purchasing?


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I'd be really grateful for any advice regarding buying an older x-type. 

I am  looking at either the 2.0 or 2.2  engines, preferably saloon, for around £3500. I understand this comes with high mileage, which doesn't bother me as I do around 6000 miles a year!


However I am interested in the type of things that I should be looking out for in a car that age/mileage, are there any particular gripes you have found with yours? Any service/repair that should have been done by then?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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When purchasing a vehicle with high mileage then it would depend on the age when making decisions. For example, if the car is only 3 or 4 years old then it is very likely that it was a company car and if so would have been serviced regularly. I would suggest checking the cars history by asking to see the registration document for previous owners etc. You should also check the service history. Another thing to consider would be if you are a member of the AA or RAC the latter in particular offer an inspection service for which I believe is a reasonable fee which also includes a guarantee of some sort which would need to be looked in to.

Can I suggest you take a look at their website by the following link, there are two separate grades of inspection for £99 and £175


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Hi Mine got 117k but ive had it for 6 years the major problem i had for with the two i have had is the sills,and the brake calipers do rust badly and it gets round the piston area and eventually seizes up,i was told that with your year the steel was a better quality,other than that mines sweet,good Oil etc,superb car.

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