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  1. which is what i said above M but until the member puts a clear photo up of his wheels i cant say which ones he has to be 100% sure ( i was only going by my wheels 2009 x type)
  2. put a photo of the wheel up and maybe someone will tell you what they are, on my 2009 x type 2.0d estate SEE PHOTO have a look if these ones are on yours they are called barbados you can get a refurbished one on a action site for £150 - £200
  3. welcome into the fold see if you can get hold of a code reader just a word of advice if you are thinking of buying one, please watch out, some of the OBD2 readers you get of these auction sites wont sync with the car and wont scan / read the jaguar codes this is only some of the very cheap ones. i went for a mid range one 2nd time round at £69- £109 with no problems & it works a treat good luck Ron
  4. yes mondeo engine with the jaguar bits added if you look deep enough your find some parts with ford stamped on them, and with most parts these days you can cross ref them against a ford database, plus you will find the ford parts come out that little bit cheaper for the same item its all in the name. so i always check. Ron
  5. hi Steve and welcome to the club enjoy your new to you car Ron
  6. hi Rowan just to let you know i have used mtec for years and they have never let me down or failed me in the past i have the holed & grooved discs on my x type fantastic braking Ron
  7. hi Eddie and welcome to the club ron
  8. hi & welcome to the club a lot of people say you should clean the inlet at the same time as the egr / i blanked my egr off with very good results ron
  10. good morning Keith and welcome to the club glad you like your XF they are a very nice car to drive,as you can see their is loads to read & to look at on the forums. we have a meet on the 19th sept in your neck of the woods at Gaydon if you fancy coming along please put your name down on the list (see post in events /meets) Ron
  11. it doesn't go behind the engine at all Paul they fit within the bonnet itself
  12. hi i was on about the clips Paul not the cover itself but you should be able to get one from a breakers at a decent price
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