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s type r transmission leak


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Took the car in to an independant service center in north london on tuseday was realy worried as the leak was huge managed to drive it there no warning lights came on still drove smoothly any way they did a health check and 36 month service needed an offside track rod transmission sump pan filter and gasket got it back today all good at a cost of a whopping £1300 hope nothing else goes wrong


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i think you need to go back and get the invoice checked out that seems a hell of lot of money for little work

this is just like when MR clutch wanted to charge me 1000 + shopped around and got it for 495 supply & fitted  you have to watch some of these garages see a Jaguar & up goes their prices.


heres hoping she gives you  many untroubled miles and you dont have to put your hand in your back pocket too often 


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yes it is quite high it was a matter of urgency as the transmission sump was leaking heavly even though the car wasnt being used and this garage was only 3 miles away and were able to take the car in immedietly I was concearned that the transmission could of got damaged if not seen to right away

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